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    If you are looking for a good set of self defense sights look at the XS Sights. I have a set on my service size XD and love them. I'll be putting them on all of my carry pistols as money permits. I'm much faster with these sights when it comes to self defense style of shooting and with a little practice they are still more then accuate out to 25 yrds. This should give you an idea of how they look. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

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    I have them on my HK. I like them.
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  4. Phosphorescent night sights.

    XD40 mine with Phosphorescent sights , all you need is five seconds from your very small flashlight and you are good for a while. Now If I wake up any time during the night even right before the sun comes up, I'll see my pistol wherever it is.
    Mind you this photos weren't taken in the dark
    The sight are the original white dots and I enhanced with glow-on from here,

    An here is Springfield armory .45 acp with the same kind of sights

    Now lets say I am outside and have to go check a dark garage or basement even my living room, my sights look like they are electric lights, super cool

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    Here is something worth noting about the purchase of night sights. The Tritium Gas used in these type of sights has a radioactive "half life" of about 11 to 12 years. This means in 11 years the sights will be only half as bright. Trijicon dates their sights, both front and rear, with a small, white "08", "09", "10", meaning the sights were manufactured during that year. Some unscrupulous dealers will remove these dates with Acetone, and the buyer will have no way of knowing when the sights were made. This is good to know even if the date still remains. It could be used as a valuable tool in negotiating the price of a used handgun. As you know, these sights can cost up to, and over $100.00 to replace. Bill T.

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    Exclamation *Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights*

    *Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights*
    Here is an article I wrote a couple yeares ago!!!!
    By: Festus
    20 March 2006
    Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights
    I recently decided to take a serious look at adding night sights to my favorite carry gun, a HK USP45. A lot of companies make night sights and accessories for USP series pistols and Glocks for that matter. I wanted the ability to see my sights at night but did not feel like investing $100.00 plus in tritium night sights. I shopped every internet sight (pardon the pun) and could not come up with an affordable solution.

    I was shopping at my favorite Wally World and happened upon a bottle of GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish in a clearance bin (leftover) from Halloween. For about a buck I now had the solution to my conundrum in hand. I applied the nail polish with the tip of a machinistís scribe. I worked carefully to make sure I filled in the white dots with equally sized drops. I stood the pistol on end in a clamp cushioned with leather to protect the finish. I let the sights dry overnight and VIOLA! Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights are what my shooting buddy called them and the name stuck. He asked if he could do the same to his Glock. His choice was to only treat the front sight.

    I lit them up for thirty seconds with a surefire and they glowed brightly for the first couple of hours. I thought, "not bad" and left the room. Eight hours later they were still glowing, somewhat dimly, but nonetheless, GLOWING! These may not be much of an advantage compared to tritium sights, but they are WAY BETTER than black sights at night. The best part is that if you donít like the effects, the stuff comes off with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

    This can be used on just about any pistol, shotgun or other CQB weapon. Good luck and good shooting.

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