Sig P-239 .40 S&W Opinions
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Thread: Sig P-239 .40 S&W Opinions

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    Sig P-239 .40 S&W Opinions

    I've been looking at buying this gun to carry for some time. Anyone here have first hand experiences? Any info or help is appreciated! Thanks.

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    I owned one, for carry it's a little bit heavy. The trigger pull is around 3.5 out of the box. Double ramped
    frame and barrel.
    Cons: The trigger guard shape is awkward compare to glock and Standard 1911 , so its hard to get a holster
    for this model of Sig.

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    I own a P239 and really, really like the firearm. Nice trigger, well balanced and Sig Nite Sights. Mine is chambered in 357SIG. Mags are available through Top Gun Supply. I bought 4 "used" police mags that had never been out of the plastic wrappers for a very good price. I carry mine often, usually in a DeSantis Nemesis in the inner pocket of my cargo shorts (I live in FL). Some complain about the price of the ammo. I bought my first 500 rounds from Georgia-Arms. They sell in quantity called "Canned Heat". Very good stuff. 1300fps. That gave me the initial casings to begin reloading. Good luck to you.
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