SURPRISING gun lube experience!
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Thread: SURPRISING gun lube experience!

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    SURPRISING gun lube experience!

    Hoping this might help others, I am shamelessly posting it in multiple places.

    Immediately after buying a Sig Mosquito .22 pistol for my kids to use, I field stripped it and thoroughly cleaned and lubricated it according to the owner's manual, including placing a drop of gun oil in a hole just behind the ejection port. I used Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil.

    On the first trip to the range, the pistol would not go, "Bang," and there was no firing pin dent on the cartridge rims. When I called Sig customer service, after asking questions about dry firing, lubrication, ammo, etc., he asked me if I had any Rem Oil. I told him that I did and he told me to put a drop in the hole behind the ejection port and try the pistol a few more times before sending it in for them to take a look at.

    One drop of Rem Oil and the pistol fires and cycles without a hiccup! I have no idea why that particular oil made the difference. I do see that on the Rem Oil bottle it says "Contains TEFLON Lubricant." Maybe that is the difference?

    The next time I clean the little Sig, I am going to use Rem Oil for the entire lubrication process. If you have a semi-auto that is not behaving, it's worth a try before taking more drastic action.
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    Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil is a high viscosity oil. When you have close tolerance parts a thick oil can cause problems by creating compression. By using Rim oil it essentially changed the viscosity and thinned it out causing the excess thick oil to escape.
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  4. Yep, that's it

    What he said ! Your little Sig will probably be more tolerant of Hoppes as it gets broken in.
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  5. I use Rem Oil on firing mechanisms and tight fitting parts with good results. Also use CLP or grease on higher stress/bigger tolerance parts for longevity.

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