How reliable and accurate
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Thread: How reliable and accurate

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    How reliable and accurate

    How reliable andaccurate are theDiamondback 380 subcompact?

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    How reliable andaccurate are theDiamondback 380 subcompact?
    mi friend got one , they junks ,jams every time, I dont recommend this firearm

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    How reliable and accurate

    I bought a Diamondback. First 225 rounds were perfect. Remarkably accurate, easy control, I was happy. Then. Firing pi spring broke . CS was great, shipped last Friday, was in my hands again Wed.

    Back to range, 25 flawless rounds later something in trigger mechanism failed- trigger bar fails to engage.

    I'll be personally delivering it to them next day off!

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    I wanted one until I got it in my hand! To me they are very uncomfortable. I really didn't like the ergonomics of the design.
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