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    New to CCW

    I'm new to CCW and new to these forums. I recently applied for my permit in Indiana and am eagerly awaiting it so I can purchase a Glock through the Glock LE program (having the permit is a requirement of the dealer, not statutory). I've been shopping all aspects pretty thoroughly and here's what I've come up with:

    Glock 23 with Glock night sights
    180 grain Gold Dot hollow points for carry
    180 grain Speer Lawman for the range
    Crossbreed super tuck holster with combat cut

    Any ideas, insghts or criticisms?


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    I personally dont like the Glock models. If I were you Id go just a little more expensive and buy the S&W M&P 40 thats what I carry. Its reliable, and it has many of the features the Glock has, plus interchangeable pistol grips to fit your hand. Ive put about 1000 rounds though mine, never had any issues, the holster youre looking at is pretty good.
    Aside from the Glock I have no criticism to give you. You should get your permit soon, if its anything like Michigans youll have your permit before they date they stated.
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    Thanks Itstjs!

    A coupla reasons I've settled on Glock. The first is that I have a damaged right thumb which makes manipulating an eternal safety difficult for me. The second is the substantial discount available to me as a federal employee and retired soldier through the Glock Law Enforcement Program. The discount amounts to nearly $100.

  5. I carry the xd.40 sub-compact with 180grain jacketed hollow points

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    New to CCW

    The Glock 23 is a very good gun. You did not mention if this is your first gun. Accuracy, size and reliability are all there. For concealment it is possible with the right holster. It depends upon what you wear whether it is going to conceal for you. The gun is easy to shoot.

    I have a 23 and a 27. The 27 is outfitted with night sights. For winter, the 23. I need to get night sights for my 23. The guide rod laser looks like a great option but it's 3/4 the price of what I paid for the gun. I don't need a laser that badly.

    For ammo, I like Hornady Critical Defense, Gold Dot or even Federal Defensive 135 g from Walmart.

    Tell 'em CDR Glock sent ya!

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    I owned my own Smith and Wesson Model 19 revolver years ago. I also carried a sidearm on active duty (mostly the 1911, but the Beretta for a short time).

    I became a big fan of the .45 round during my active duty service, never did care for the 9mm. I decided to go with the .40 cal because of the cost difference between .40 and .45 ammo. I think I'll be able to spend more time on the range with the .40 simply from an economic standpoint.

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    Hello, and Welcome to the site, from the shore of SC,, and I think ur choice of a GLOCK is super, I carry a G19 every day 7 days a week, and own 5 other GLOCK's...... (yes a Glock fan lol)
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Excellent choice! I own a Glock 30 and the M&P 9c and love both. Congrats and welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfcc View Post
    Excellent choice! I own a Glock 30 and the M&P 9c and love both. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
    Thanks Surfcc! The Glock 30 was the first runner up in my selection process. I cut my handgun teeth on .45 ACP and still love that round.

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    You won't go wrong with a Glock if, so long they fit you and you learn to shoot it well. As far as the reliability, function and accuracy they will do everything a combat pistol was designed to do….and do it better than a number of highly regarded pistols on the market. I had a couple of them.

    Good choice especially if you can get a killer deal.


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