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    All the hispanics criminals I meet call each other "Dawg."

    Again, first hand witness, trumps whatever a silly book says!


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    I was at a police auction not to long ago any saw a few of them go for $250-$350. The old men seem to love them!

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    AS USUAL, the ones with the negative comments have never owned or shot a Hi-Point, and of course your $1000+ guns are perfect. I own 2 Hi-Points and a Glock and all three go bang every time I pull the trigger. I alternately carry the Glock and the Hi-Point and trust them both, equally.

    Hi-Point's warranty and customer service should be copied by other manufacturers as it second to none! They take care of business, no BS or hassles.

    Thanks for the other owners here who have the fortitude to stand up and say they are a good weapon, also.
    Some spend a lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.
    This finger was not made to push 1 for english!

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    Like I said I bought mine used for $99 online so I went to a dealer here in Vegas to see what it looked like and he was selling them for $350 and did he get pissed when I told him I just bought one for $99.so when I get it the slide spring was a little weak and the lock spring was weak also like I said it was used I called Hi- Point they said to send it in they replaced all the springs the firing pin even the entire slide looks new when I got it had some small scratches on it I was using a sharpie to make it black again When I got it back no scratches I thought they sent me a new gun but the ser.# is the same it shoots like a dream I really like it the only thing is it is heavy but I enjoy shooting it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Chance View Post
    AS USUAL, the ones with the negative comments have never owned or shot a Hi-Point, and of course your $1000+ guns are perfect.
    None of my $1000 guns (all of 1 of them) have ever had a malfunction. Of course, it's a 1906 vintage Winchester shotgun chambered in an obsolete hull length, so I have to hand load for it and the ammo is tailored for it specifically.

    As for my carry guns, all of them are in the $250 and up range but you are right, none of them have failed.

    All guns are STOCK (no after market springs or gun smith 'tweaking' done to them) except for the addition of ambi safeties on the single actions so my left handed self can shoot and carry them safely.

    Para Ordnance P-13.45 (bought used and it was well broken in before I got it)- 3,000 rounds in the last 2 1/2 years- ZERO malfunctions shooting everything from 230gr JHP's to 185gr lead SWC reloads.

    FN (not Browning) Commercial Hi-Power- (also bought used) around 4,000 rounds-ZERO malfunctions in 5 years.

    1991A1 Colt Combat Commander (bought new)- 3500-400 rounds of mostly my 230gr LTC or LRN reloads (loaded to ball velocities)- ZERO malfunctions.

    Colt Series 70 Combat Commander in 9mm (bought used but not abused for a mere $400 out the door)- I'm scared to find out how hard I've shot it because I don't remember how much ammo I've put down it's barrel- ZERO malfunctions (but if it ever starts acting up, I have a Bar-Sto .38 Super barrel sitting in a drawer to use to convert it during the rebuild).

    Rossi 720 DAO 5-shooter wheel gun in .44 Special (bought new for $250 plus tax)- 5,000 rounds over the last decade with ZERO malfunctions and I don't load .44 Special light.

    My Beretta Tomcat has had about 1200 rounds through it with ZERO malfunctions and I'm willing to shoot it out to 50 yards at man sized targets.

    I repeat, I ain't trusting a $100 pistol no more that I would a $100 car.

    I worked in a gun shop and saw a BUNCH of Hi Points over the years there. They were junk then as far as I was concerned (although better junk than a Jammin' Jennings or a Lorcin but still JUNK) and I seriously doubt it they have improved that much (and it would take a LOT of improvement) over the years. It was rare for one to work long enough to get dirty enough to need to be disassembled.

  7. [QUOTE=theicemanmpls;136242]"every homie in the ghetto"

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    Hi New guy here,

    I am a recent Hi Point c9 owner and just getting back into owning a pistol.
    After much careful research and reading alot of bashing of the hi point brand, I decided to read between the lines, go against the grain and get an affordable and functional pistol...so I ended up with the c9

    I have now been out to the range with it 4 times and have put a total of 400 rounds thru it straight out of the box, the only time it has failed to preform was taking my daughter out to shoot a pistol for the first time ever, after explaining how to not "limp wrist" she never had a problem lighting up the silhouette target.

    I have met a guy at the range that tells me of his glock with 10K plus rounds thru it with never a failure, first meeting he was shooting a Karh 45 that had plenty of fail to feed issues, upon seeing him at the range today he reports that he is getting rid of the Kahr.

    On the first meeting he fired my c9... and liked it!! made several comments on the shootability of it even.And again today he fired it and based on his comments, I do believe that he will soon be the owner of a new c9.

    Today I also met and talked with a FBI agent that was practicing with his sig229, I asked him to shoot my c9, and guess what.. he did not have an attitude about it, in fact liked the way it shot, and he shot good groups.

    I will carry my c9 daily, and will trust it to do what a pistol is supposed to do, go bang when I point and intentionally fire it, and it hasnt failed to do so yet.

    So... you folks with the bias towards hi point... get one.. shoot it and see if it dosent go bang everytime its supposed to.


  9. I also have HiPoint pistols... the C9 and the JHP .45 ACP.

    They work PERIOD.. I will admit to only one compromise... the C9 HATES WWB ammo. It had multiple FTFeed when shooting WWB. Other than that, ZERO PROBLEMS. So, I don't shoot WWB in my C9.

  10. Hi-Points

    ive read these responses, i've heard everything, i personally own and CARRY a Hi-Point C9. they WILL shoot ANYTHING. if it does not shoot anything, the factory will fix it for free for life.

    without ever having a single problem, mine has well over 1000 rounds of EVERYTHING from winchester white box, my favorite target load, to hollow points, reloads, and +P ammo. everyone i know who has one has the same great results.

    break in like someone else said, loaded with full 8 rounds WILL jam, Hi-Point recommends loading only 7 rounds till u put a couple hundred rounds to break it in. then its perfect.

    anyone who thinks Hi-Points are junk, has never owned one, PERIOD. all guns have problems, but Hi-Point stands behind their product new or used.

    as for carry, the .40 and .45 are too big.. alot say the C9 is too big, but ive compared them to 1911's and glocks and there is not enough difference in size to say "too big".

    im not knocking top name guns, but u can bet ur life on a Hi-Point afteru put a few rounds through it, same with any gun, i wouldnt bet my life with ANY gun till i put some rounds through it.

    everyone has a preference. for my Hi-Point has been my personal carry for over 7 years. in that time, family and friends have bought Hi-Points and enjoyed the same great results.

    this is my first post here, but had to put a little defense in here for my gun lol. they are amazing, dont let price fool u.

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    I had one. .40 cal. Took it to the range the day before going a few of us decided to hunt deer with pistols, and the firing pin broke. Ran out and bought a S&W the next day.
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