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    I had one. .40 cal. Took it to the range the day before going a few of us decided to hunt deer with pistols, and the firing pin broke. Ran out and bought a S&W the next day.
    I'll give you $50 for it

  3. I have three Hi-points the .380 C9 and a 9mm carbine! I have put over 1000 rounds down range through each! Not a single problem with any of them. I did have a small problem with the c9 Mag retaining pin broke I called customer service, they sent out the replacement parts and the pistol was fixed in less than a week! I'm a very satisfied Hi-point owner!!!

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    I was all set to hammer on the fact that High-Points are very good Handguns and I read all the posts.. L.O.L. The Negative ones make me L.O.L. everytime I read them... I have a .380 and I think that it is funny how it keeps on impressing people that think they are Junk....L.O.L.. I don't have a problem with weight and I know that there are lighter Handguns. I happen to like feel the of a heavy Gun they feel just right in my hands. Heavy or Light are we talking the difference between 50 and 100 pounds...L.O.L. I know just joking People prefer what they like and that is very right. All I know is that if I had my .380 and needed to defend myself I would pull the trigger and the other person would be dead. Period..L.O.L.. Guns Long Gun and Hand Guns have just as many different opinions as there are guns. I worked in a gun store.. Oh bologna I have talked to a few Gun store owners and the common reply to my question of why do you carry such a junk Hand Guns and the reply is you need to shoot one before you decide to never buy one. If I carry Junk Handguns then I have to deal with unhappy customers and they will almost always come into my store when another Customer is in here now tell me do I need a negative sale.. No way.... Grow up people I have S&W's and Glocks and others and I know the difference between guns does it feel better to shoot my Glock or my High Point well my Glock does feel a little better, but does that make it shoot any better no they both just as good as the other.. If I had $2,000.00 to go out and buy some hand guns with yes I would buy more name brand Guns. Higher resale, but when I get down to my last dollars and can buy a High-Point well I'll get just as big a kick out of buying the High-Point as I did the others....... There is just something about unleashing all that power at Command.....L.O.L...
    Bagger Jim
    It's your right to protect youself..

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