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Thread: Have Gun what now, GF issues

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Gary599 View Post
    Bought Sig 229
    Bought Safe
    Joined Gun Club

    Reason, to get a higher paying job. Problem, GF of 11 years with our two kids. She the GF does not like guns. Allows me to get said gun for work and range, but will not let me CC.
    Then don't carry simple is that. If your willing , or even thinking about leaving or hoping harm in order for her to see the light, well then carrying simply an ego thing for you?
    Easy solution, stay home. No need to CC


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    Carry Gun..

    Drop GF...


    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Mega Ditto's

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    Quote Originally Posted by kn1080 View Post
    My wife hated guns. I begged her to come "watch" me shoot one day. Once I got her there and she was watching me practice with a 22, I asked her to take "just one shot". Now, shes getting a carry permit and shes a member of this site.
    This is true. I hated them and was not ok with them AT ALL! Give her time and let her get used to them gradually.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary599 View Post
    She is a [email protected]#ch. No matter what I tell her, she is total against me cc. I think she lives in a fansty world. I told her today stright out, that she deserves something bad to happen, because she wont let me carry to protect us.

    If I push the issue with her, I may get kicked out, I'm not sure I want to push it that far. BUT I want to CC, and I dont want her to say [email protected] about it.

    I'm lucy as it is, cause it's in the house. And no, she will not go to the range, she hates guns.
    If this is how you feel about and speak about your girlfriend then please, do her a favor and dump her. If my husband ever dared to speak about me like that we would have big problems. Clearly you do not respect your GF.

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    Red face

    Tell your GF that she should feel very protected when you CC and that there is nothing for her to worry about.
    You know that most men don't understand women, it is only fear. If you take her out to the range and show her how to shoot a gun she will have a different perspective on this CC you want to pursue. Once you show her that it is so relaxed and only for protection. She will be in your court!
    The most important thing here is that she knows you are only CC because you want to protect her and your family against the harm of this earth that can come about us at anytime.

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    True, it is 2010. In relationships each side has to make compromises to make it work. However, personal safety should never be compromised. I'm guessing she has lived a pretty sheltered life, there are bad people everywhere.

    In the end you are a man and you need to put your foot down for the sake of your family's safety. If she remains unreasonable, then you have to make a decision to stay in the relationship or not. I'm divorced so I know how hard (and expensive) it is ending the relationship with kids involved. But...Life does go on!

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    I suggest going to the NRA website and printing off all of the "Armed Citizen" stories from your area. If your GF sees how many different circumstances people have had to defend themselves in, she may start to realize what the world is really like.

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