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    H & k vp 70 z

    Heckler & Koch VP70
    Does any one have experience with this model? In your mind what are the pros vs cons? Is it reliable? Serviceable? How does it compare to a glock?

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    I'm an HK fan so I'd buy one in a heartbeat! They stopped making them years ago. Not sure if they were ever available here in the States.

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    The original polymer framed pistol.

    Heckler & Koch VP70 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I'd love to find one here!

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    I have one and the only drawback is the long trigger pull.
    The full mag is heaver than the gun. 18 in the mag and 1 in the chamber.
    Love it.

  7. H & k vp 70 z

    If you can find one they are heavy as hell and large. I last saw one for $800 at a local gun store. Well made

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    I have large hands it seems to fit comfortable, Have not had a chance to see how heavy it is with a full mag yet. Any suggestions for holsters either owb or drop leg?

  9. H & k vp 70 z

    That may be the gun you get a custom made for it. You may was to check the blackhawk site. I would post this question on hkpro.com

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    You'd be better off just getting a Glock 17. The VP70Z was the first real polymer framed pistol and well ahead of it's time. However, loaded, the gun is as heavy as a brick, and the trigger pull sucks. I mean really SUCKS! Had one back in the 70's and sold it after a few months. The break on the trigger causes the gun to move when you need to really be accurate, unless you really lock in on a very solid rest. Mags are very hard to find (and expensive when you find them) and the technology has been surpassed on the gun that was ahead of it's time. Get a Glock, S&W M&P or an XD if you want a striker fired, polymer pistol with 18 rounds.
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    Has anyone else noticed that the mag release is in a funny spot and sticks? I think it may be time to find something new

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