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Thread: Looking for first 1911!

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE DUKE OF ESSEX View Post
    I have a Taurus PT1911B, it is a full size 1911 45 caliber with Winchester SXZ from BASS PRO or Black talon. I have put thousands of rounds through it, and never had any problems. It will eat anything I put in it from reloads to the hottest loads available. I don't carry it on me, but would not have a problem doing so. I find it dependable, accurate, and loaded with features that make it a fine shooter. Without any modifications I can usually shoot a bullseye at 50ft (timed) in under 1 second from a low ready position. It also comes in at under your budget.
    I'll sit back now and wait for the alarms to go off with the mention of Taurus.
    You'll get no rude comment from me Duke, I own Taurus' Pistols, and dollar for dollar, I prefer them over Glocks, S&W, Kimber or Springfield Pistols... I've read all the horror stories about Taurus and believe the majority are User generated. Like I told one fellow shooter once; "I'm a damned good Pool Player, but when I have a bad game I sure as hell don't blame it on my Cue Stick!" Your PT1911B is a damned fine weapon Duke, I don't own one (All of my Taurus Pistols are Compact & Sub-Compact Pistols), but I'd like to own one...
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    Thanks Ed, I own a number of Taurus pistols, and have had great success with all of them (except the 38 super). Currently I am carrying a PT92 S/S AFS 9MM and it shoot's like a dream.

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    For $1,000 you can get an Springfield Loaded Combat or Target, even the Operator series. Depending on which Operator pistol you choose.

    I own several 1911's and just because Springfield say's it's a "Target" is really nothing more than adding the rear adjustable sight and extended flared magwell. Otherwise, it's a loaded 1911 blaster.

    Here's my feeling on Taurus, or any other non-1911 specific manufacturer. It may serve your purpose, may be well made for the dollar cost, but in the end you'll alway's want a Springfield, Kimber or even better Les Baer, Wilson, Nighthawk. You'll put the PT1911 away for good once you get a higher quality 1911 like the Springfield TRP, TRP Operator or MC Operator. You'll never again get it out of it's case, I'm betting.

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    Looking for first 1911!

    Quote Originally Posted by Feimer74 View Post
    Ok guys let me know whats good here.Im willing to spend up to 1000 on one.new or used. Its gonna be a full sized only. I dont want a target gun!!Its a self defense pistol.Tell me your favorite full sized 1911 and what type of defense round you carry. it can be 45acp,.40sw or 9mm. Thx in advance!

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    I like my Para P-14 (Canada not US). It's a full sized 14 cap magazine +1. Should take care of business for most instances.

    For carry, I would personally get a G30 for 45.

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