Looking for first 1911!
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Thread: Looking for first 1911!

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    Looking for first 1911!

    Ok guys let me know whats good here.Im willing to spend up to 1000 on one.new or used. Its gonna be a full sized only. I dont want a target gun!!Its a self defense pistol.Tell me your favorite full sized 1911 and what type of defense round you carry. it can be 45acp,.40sw or 9mm. Thx in advance!

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Try a Para-USA GI Expert
    GalleryofGuns.com - Gun Genie

    Their LDA (Light Double Action) models are also nice.

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    I have a Kimber Gold Combat 2 45 cal. 1911. Operates flawlessly. Well constructed and holds up to anything. The finish is unique it is baked into the stainless. They tested it by submerging it in salt water for 80 hours and took it out and let it dry. No rust. Comes with the night sights. Kimber has several models to choose from. Sig also makes a fine 1911 another great manufacturer to consider. Wilson combat arms is a little high right now for my pocket book but that is one i will add in the future.
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    My first carry gun was a Kimber Ultra Carry II and I've since traded that in on a Kimber Ultra CDP II. I can not say enough about either gun. I've taken several classes putting over 500 rounds a day through them and have yet had a malfunction. They are small enough to carry concealed comfortably yet still very accurate. I believe the Kimber Ultra Carry II's go for around $800.

    I also have a Kimber Gold Match II stainless thatís just a tack driver.....
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    I have a Taurus PT1911B, it is a full size 1911 45 caliber with Winchester SXZ from BASS PRO or Black talon. I have put thousands of rounds through it, and never had any problems. It will eat anything I put in it from reloads to the hottest loads available. I don't carry it on me, but would not have a problem doing so. I find it dependable, accurate, and loaded with features that make it a fine shooter. Without any modifications I can usually shoot a bullseye at 50ft (timed) in under 1 second from a low ready position. It also comes in at under your budget.
    I'll sit back now and wait for the alarms to go off with the mention of Taurus.

  7. Check out the link on the EMP Springfield. My next purchase will be one of these fine crafted piece in the 40 cal. Very concealable and very manageable.

    First Impression of the Springfield Armory EMP - 56K beware pic heavy - THR

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    That is one Beautiful gun wooddoctor. I might have to add that to my collection as well. I had been looking at the Kimber pro CDP II in 45 cal. now I'll have to look at the Springfield's.

  9. Check out the link. So far these folks have the best prices that I have seen. I found one at a locate gun store for over 1275.00 If you but out of state no sales tax just a 25.00 to 35.00 transfer fee.

    GunsAmerica - Springfield Armory EMP 40 Pistol 1911 - Springfield Armory Pistols > 1911 Type - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H

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    No wonder it looks great, it cost more than the Kimber! Usually Springfield is in the mid range price category, I guess they have stepped it up a notch. Thanks for the link.

  11. Any time.

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