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    I've been doing some searching around and trying to find information for the State of Missouri as to where you can or can not legally open carry at. Specifically I know that you can not carry in public buildings, such as court houses, police or sheriff's stations, but what about business such as Wal-Mart? I ask because while I know you can not go into any establishment such as bars but what about liquor stores or say Wal-Mart where they do sell liquor but it's not consumed there.

    I'm sorry if I did not post this in the proper section.

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    Some Info. Here, BUT be very careful.

    The second page has a list of city's that are supposed to be legal.

    Kansas City is known for taking the firearm and MAKING you prove its legal. In some case's this has
    taken years. They try to wear you out and giving up.

    A few years ago they stayed after a business man who open carried in his store thinking he would give
    up. He finally won but who knows at what cost.

    There was a story in the news a few years ago about a guy that finally won and then the KCPD could not
    find the firearm.

  4. I finally got through to the Polk County Prosecutor's office. After being told it was ok by a local police officer the clerk at the prosecutor's office informed me it wasn't. Problem is it sounded like, over the phone, that she was quoting RsMO 571. Which unless I misread it, says nothing about it being illegal to open carry.

    If all else fails it will be time to increase the pressure I am putting on my State Representatives to pass the measure now before the State Legislature that would grant the right to Open Carry to all Missourian's regardless of town ordinances.

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