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Thread: Anyone carry a .22?

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    Yes i do about twice a year when i go camping, becuse we have this funny law in NC ,
    about firearms on gamelands, which the campground i happen to love is on a game land
     It is unlawful to discharge any weapon:
    ?? - from a vehicle,
    - within 150 yards of any residence located on or adjacent to
    game lands,
    - within 150 yards of any game lands building or game lands
    camping area (unless otherwise posted).
    The 150-yard provision of this rule does not apply to the use of
    archery equipment on Butner-Falls of Neuse and Jordan game lands.
     It is unlawful to possess a rifle or pistol larger than .22 rimfire or
    a shotgun shell with larger than no. 4 shot during closed gun
    seasons on big game?except any size steel or other nontoxic
    shot may be used while waterfowl or coyote hunting.
     During turkey season, it is unlawful to possess a rifle on game
    lands, but bow-and-arrow may be used.
     During closed seasons and closed hunting days on game birds
    (waterfowl, doves, wood cock, snipe, rails, gallinules, moorhens,
    coots, grouse, pheasant, quail, turkey) and game animals (deer, bear,
    fox, rabbits, squirrels, boar, bobcats, opossum, raccoon), it is
    unlawful to possess any firearm or bow and arrow readily avail -
    able for use. During that time in which fox season is the only open
    season for a game animal, it is also unlawful to possess these
    weapons. The following exceptions, however, should be noted:
    - Possession is allowed on field-trial and designated target shoot -
    ing areas and in camping areas for defense of person or property.
    - 22-caliber pistols with barrels, not greater than 7.5 inches in
    length and shooting only short, long or long rifle ammunition,
    may be carried as side arms on game lands at any time, except
    by hunters during the special bow-and-arrow and muzzle -
    loading firearms deer hunting season.
    - Individuals training dogs during closed season without fieldtrial
    authorization are prohibited from carrying any weapon.

    I Hate it but it's the law.

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    I carry a .32 all the time...and most people would say that is too small to be a dependable carry weapon. Wouldn't carry a .22 though.

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    I sometimes carry a NAA Black Widow .22mag - mainly for deep concealment in hot weather and "shirt sleeve" meetings, where "He's got a gun" would not be a good thing to hear. It is definitly not a toy, nor a cartridge to be sneezed at. As stated by others, placement is all important with such a small bullet, but I find my particular revolver to be easy to control, and very accurate at defense distances of 10 yards or so. As posted many times in the past - better a .22 (mag.) in hand, than a .45 in the safe. :)

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    Forgot to add in previous post that I have fired untold thousands of .22 & .22 mag. rimfire (and a bunch of .22 Hornet), and don't recall ever having a miss fire. I would trust my (numerous) rimfire revolvers and rifles to "go bang" every time.

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    A .22 is better than my bare hands!

    I have a Baby Browning .25 that can be concealed in my shirt pocket. If I have to use it I will wait until my target is within "spitting" distance. The very first rule of gun fighting states, Have a Gun!

  7. I agree with everyone here Danno, and have another thought or two to add...

    If I could I would carry my Wilson .45 all the time. I love that thing!

    On the other hand I am a small person. I can not conceal a 5" 1911 when wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    Usually I carry whatever my attire allows. At the very least I have my NAA .22 with holster grip in my pocket. Even with tight jeans it "prints" like a pocket knife.

    Last thing I need is for someone to say, "He's gotta' gun!" in this little town.

    .22's are small. Small stopping power. Small noise. But better than nothing!
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  8. If a .22 is the largest caliber you can control, then it's the perfect choice for you.

    If a .22 is the only gun you have, then it's the gun for you.

    But, if you can control something larger and own other guns, yet choose to carry a .22 instead, you simply don't "get it"

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Jailkeeper View Post

    Usually I carry whatever my attire allows. .
    Some of us dress around the gun, not let our attire dictate our gun choice.

    .22's are small. Small stopping power. Small noise. But better than nothing!
    So is a knitting needle !!

    :D :D :D


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    I don't, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. If one can make precise brain shots with a .22 or .25 and isn't very accurate with a larger caliber, then go for it. The only shots that count are the ones that hit.
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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    Walking the dog, NAA .22 Mini-Mag, throw it in your pocket and go..........


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