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Thread: Anyone carry a .22?

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    I started carrying my sig mosquito sometimes. may upgrade to a browning mark 10.
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    Some of you people are funny. I usually carry a .380 (another derided round) but I've carried my Beretta 21a plenty. 99.9% of the posters in this thread will never pull their gun in SD, ever. We all know that is a fact.

    What would I do with a .22lr? I'd pull it and put the full magazine right in the bad guys face if I had to shoot. A CCW is a close up defensive weapon anyway. You're not going to be pulling it if the BG is 50 yards away.

    BTW, I own more than a few big bore handguns, including .41 mag, .357 mag and a .45 acp. I'm not recoil shy. Everyone should use what they feel comfortable with, but please get off the only big bores will kill BS, especially when it's just opinion anyway. If someone walked up and pulled a knife and you stuck a .22lr in their face, they wouldn't stop to ask how big the bullet was before soaking their trousers.

    Also remember this, no gun will save you in all circumstances, but if you don't carry one because it's printing or you have to dress around it, you certainly won't have any protection.

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