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Thread: Kimber versus EMP

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    Quote Originally Posted by abush View Post
    The dealer actually said. "I would like to sell you a Kimber .45 in 3 inch but they are totally unreliable and would recommend a Sig in .40 or even the p238 in .380" How about the Springfield EMP in 9mm any thoughts on that?
    Your dealer knows what he is talking about. The problem with any and all of the "chopped" 1911's is the fact because of the reduced slide mass, they have to run the slide velocity off the chart to get any kind of reliability out of them. This beats the hell out of the weapon. Even then they are very prone to hanging up with most everything except FMJ Ball which is all but worthless for concealed carry.

    The Mini Glock Models are not afflicted with this issue and are extremely reliable. I carry both a Glock 26 and a Glock 30. They are boringly reliable with any type of ammunition. The 1911 doesn't lend itself well to downsizing. It needs the mass of a heavy, full sized slide to run reliably. Bill T.

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    I just picked up an SA Champion GI. The full size grip and shorter slide are just the ticket for my CC needs.

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    I prefer true 70 series 1911's and no .45 in 3" I have ever owned has been 100% reliable the EMP is a good choice I'd try to bobtail the frame but I'm too poor for thsat kind of stuff check out fusion firearms they make some awsome bobtail commanders!

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    I have a 3" Kimber, bought in 98 out of the custom shop. As far as reliability goes, I have not had any problems. I shoot mostly 230 cast at 800 to 825 fps. My father carries it for CC. It does not particularly like light wt. bullets or SWC's but with ball and 230 gr HydraShocks I have not had hiccup. It is a little more susceptible to COL issues that a 5" gun. I have 7 or 8 thousand rounds out of it and do not see any signs of the gun being beat to pieces as claimed.


  6. I have a Kimber cdp pro and a springfield emp 9mm. I will take the emp over the cdp anyday. more accurate no problems and it is made alot better.imo

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