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Thread: Kimber Ultra Raptor-Unreliable

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    Just thought of something. Have you left your mags fully loaded for a few days? Mine did have an issue feeding hollow points smoothly with new mags. After I left them loaded for 3 days to break in the mag springs they chambered perfect.

    Just a thought.

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    Raptor's are from the Custom shop, they need 500 to 700 rounds down range before the metals mate. Ditch the Factory mag and buy Wilsons. I've sold hundreds of them. Never a problem.
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  4. I use wilson mags and have bettter than 1200 rounds downrange.

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    i have a springfield 1911 and had ftf problems and had to send it back to factory twice. the second time they gave me night sights and two mags free. they treated me excelent. after that it worked great but i still bought wilson mags and couldn't ask for a more reliable weapon. i can't believe kimbers people acting like that. don't think i will buy one. i like the idea of the video too. sounds to me they need to replace the weapon. in the letter i sent to springfield the last time i sent mine in i told them that this was my first springfield and how it worked when i got it back would determine whether it would be my last or not. they treated me well.
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  6. Wilson mags, wet gun, video. This is no way to run a company.I have 2 and would not stand for that kind of treatment. Take to a Kimber Master dealer and tell him the story and to shoot gun. Please keep us informed on your progress .

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    If you have not, I really would try leaving your mags fully loaded for 3 days and see if this takes care of the issue. Both mine and my dads Kimbers have problems feeding anytime we get a new mag. Fully loading the mag for 3 days breaks in the spring and all is good.

  8. My Kimber

    I have carried many different guns in my day. I have the S&W M&P 40 compact and love it. But After shooting my sons Kimber I fell in love with it. I now carry the Ultra CDP II. This gun is new and I have only put about 300 rounds through it but I have to say it is one of the best shooting guns I have ever shot. Not one frailer right out of the box and that is with FMJ and JHP.

  9. Mags

    Yes you need to break in the mags.

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    Wilson Combat 1911 mags.

    when the FBI went looking for a new 1911 their only requirment was that Wilson Combat magazines be used. I'm not a 1911 owner, but that is a very strong endorsment.

  11. Kimber Unreliable

    Landor-I will have to disagree with you saying kimbers are one of those guns that either work or dont....

    Trust me when i say you got a bad one...Like any other brand you may get a bad one, its like a car.

    I'm sorry you lost confidence in them, but i can tell you I own 5 of them with about 10,000 rounds through them combined. never a problem, not once with any. Hope you look to buy a new one and get that confidence back in them.

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