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Thread: Kimber Ultra Raptor-Unreliable

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    I guess Kimbers aren't all they're cracked up to be. I"m wondering if this issue is an isolated case, or if it is widespread. For almost $1000, it would seem that it is a anomaly.

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    Maybe time to go legally!

    I have been reading about the people having bad time with Kimber pistols. If I put my hard earned money in something to protect my life and my familys life and was having that many problems with it I would look into what I could do legally. As many people that I have seen having problems with this company you need to get together with each other and have a talk about going to a lawyer. I was also thinking about getting a Kimber but not now. You should not have to get more magazines or run a lot of ammo thru them in order to get it to work properly. This is bs. If they won,t make it good then its time to get legal!

  4. Ask any gun smith what small 3" 45 is the best and you will get all kinds on responces .Most say the 3" 45 is more prone to all kinds of problems.Less metal in the guide rod,shorter recoil time less weight.Put gun in vice try different mags and ammo if not happy tell them to give you a new gun.I have 2 Kimbers and would really be peed if this happened tothem.

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    Kimber's do take a lot of rounds to break them in. I think they recommend 1,000 rounds minimum.
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  6. Sorry to here you are having a bad time with your Kimber. When this thread started I had only put about 300 rounds through me then new Kimber CDP ultra carry II but I now have over a 1000 round through it and I still feel it is one of the best guns I have ever owned. But just like anything you will get a lemon now and again. I can only speak on my experience with Kimber but as for me it is one very fine gun.
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  7. That is my feeling also. I dont like to here about problems from their QT.

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