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    No jams

    All very interesting, have a Ruger P85 MkII, have fired thousands of rounds from handloads, real cheapies such as blazers, monarchs, up to hydrashoks -- I have never had a jam. I love Ruger!

    It is big and heavy, but I carry it every day in a belt holster or an iwb holster.

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    The only two guns I own that have never jammed on me are my two revolvers.

    That being said, I have a G22 and I absolutely love it. The only time it has jammed was due to crap WWB ammo misfeeding.
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    Shot 100 WWB and 100 Hornady TAP rounds tonight without a hitch. Switched mags before I went to the range and marked the one that had the one jam last time out.

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