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    Lightbulb Shot Timer: Interesting for comparison

    I recently downloaded a free Taurus shot timer "app" for my Iphone.
    It was neat to see my 2nd shot times, which instigated comparisions.
    I would set a B27 target at about 6 yards and see how quickly the 2nd shot could be kept inside the 10 ring (4''x6'').
    If the 2nd shot failed to stay in the 10 ring the time didn't count.
    If I felt "slow" I didn't count the time either.
    I tried to have 4 or 5 qualiying times for each then averaged.
    I ran this comparison test several times and on different days, obtained consistent results.
    Not surprisingly, the 9mm (even when loaded with +P+ ammmo) was typically faster.
    How much faster? Don't critique my times (remember the 2nd shot time only counted if it hit inside the 10 ring).
    The guns were as comparable as it gets, Glock 19 and 23.
    The 19 averaged .42 sec. while the 23 was at .47 sec.
    Earthshaking difference no (hundredths of a second), the 9mm model 19 seemed easier to keep on target, the timer confirmed it.
    Apparently, even though I'm slow my brain can recognize a .05 difference because I thought I was quicker with the 9mm before I ever got the timer. I'm surprised at how small the difference is and that I can actually distinguish it.

    After the side by side shooting, I've started carrying the 9mm; I had always carried the 40 since it had a bigger bullet, 9mm was left in the safe (for years) as a permenant 2nd choice. In the side by side shooting, I found some respect for the 19 and it's ease of keeping the sight on target.

    You might find such a comparison interesting for yourself.

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    I had not looked at it this way before, but the difference in .42 and .47 is 11%
    I can typically place my 2nd shot with the 19 11% quicker, given an equivalent accuracy requirement.

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