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Thread: Why do you carry different guns?

  1. Well I just can not let any of them get to lonely. Pratice with all and want to able to shoot anything I pick up.All carried in the same place only differance is triger pull and ammo.It looks funny in florida when you wear shorts and a jacket.

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    I never really gave any thought to more firepower to penetrate heavy clothing, but it makes since. I switch guns mostly do to ease of concealment. My primary carry gun is a Sig P229 Equinox in .40 S&W. My BUG is a Kahr CW9 in 9mm. The Kahr becomes my primary, and sometimes only, gun in the summer. The real issue is making sure that your proficient with whatever you carry. I do 95% of my training and dry fire practice with the Sig. I also try to stay competent with the Kahr.

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    I'm really pleased to see so many people putting in thier $.02. I see the 2 main reasons are: choice, simply wanting to carry another gun, and penatration.

    I feel like choice is choice and that many people on this site are much more proficient at shooting than I am. I envy these guys that have time and money to practice with all those weopons. But, I like my 9mm and that's why I carry it as opposed to my S&W .40.

    I feel I'm pretty knowledgable on stopping power and ballistics of many common rounds and I don't buy into "bigger is better". I myself have shot through windshields with 9mm, .40, .45 and even a .22 among a few others. I have shot at car doors and even engine blocks just for fun and learned valuable information in the process. Many rounds had surprising results. At 7 yards it took 3 rounds of 230g .45 FMJ (fired from my full size Infinity) to get through the windshield of a Geo Metro but, my Glock 19 passed through the seat and lodged in floor with one shot firing 140g FMJ!

    I guess I really did get my answer already but, please keep those post coming. We can all learn from each other and that is why we're here.
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    I live in Texas and I carry my HK P2000 SK all the time. I may have to resort to a fanny pack at times but I always have the same gun. Often in cooler weather I wiil carry my Glock 19 as a back up because I can carry more with more clothes but summer or winter I have the HK.
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    I'll quote frontsight here

    I guess I better quote frontsight here..."Any gun will do if you will do". I would not call myself a great shooter, I think I have my luck at cqb distances with any gun with ease. As for the caliber debate. You'll find cases where people went down on the first shot from every caliber, .22 and up. I've shot .22 rounds through thick hard wood doors without issues. However, the higher the caliber you can handle or take with you, the more probabistic the stopping power. Basically the greater the wound channel the more likely you are to stop that person or penetrate to that person. I'd feel comfortable with any caliber, but I know I will have better luck with .380 plus at getting to the target. Its also a good point to mention that someone wearing a normal wool winter coat is most likely going to be taken by any round. However, I've seen some people wear some really heavy clothing when it gets below zero. Bullets tend to do wierd things, the more material they have to go through.
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    Summer vs. Winter firearms

    I live in southern NV too, Henderson specifically, NDS, it's been getting below freezing here lately. I've seen frozen water in sidewalk gutters recently. While it does not get cold here in southern NV often, it does happen. My first house I bought back in Dec 1997 had the top of the pool froze over, a dusting of snow on the diving board and the kitchen sink pipes froze (didn't burst though) since they were inside of an exterior wall facing the backyard (quite common in southern NV homes). Anyone who owns a pool in southern NV should keep the pump on during the winter months when the forecast calls for it to get below freezing. Late December 2006, my truck was covered with snow in the morning before sunrise.

    A house I was renting recently had an outside mister PVC pipe burst. Fortunately it was not inside the wall and was an easy fix. I also bought my latest vehicle with heated front seats and an engine block heater. If the forecast calls for it to be below freezing, I plug in the engine block heater for the night. The car heats up more quickly and is easier to start. Granted, I did buy it winter ready since I drive up north to UT, ID and MT pretty often.

    Here's my reasoning with carrying larger calibers during the colder months;

    1. Hollowpoint rounds are less likely to expand when they pentrate heavier clothing. The clothing stuck in the bullet can defeat the expansion of the round effectively making it ball ammo. If you're going to shoot ball or FMJ ammo, you want it to be as big a ball as possible. If your 9mm or .38 special effectively becomes ball ammo because of going through a thick piece of clothing you've decreased your stopping power probability significantly. Ayoob wrote an article on this quite awhile ago and the physics makes sense to me.

    2. You can conceal more of a firearm with thicker winter clothing.

    My colder weather calibers; .40 S&W, 10mm and .41 magnum, .44 special/.44 magnum and .45 ACP.
    My warmer weather calibers; .380 ACP, 9mm Makarov, .38 spl/.357 magnum and 9mm.
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    That's alot of guns to carry my friend. ;) I'm also a huge fan of Ayoob and I can see his point and it is sometimes true. Clothing can "clog" a JHP turning it into a FMJ.

    Thanks for reminding me of this tidbit. Aim for the head if they're all bundled up I guess.
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  9. I carry one of 4 different .45's the same way in the same place all year round... IWB @ 4:00.

    I also have a couple smaller guns. They are normally only carried as a BUG. If I am in need of "deep concealment" I will carry one of them alone, but that rarely happens.

    I also only carry CorBon DPX ammo... it does not turn in to a FMJ even after 5 layers of denim! :D

    Hope that helps! ;)

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

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    I guess the biggest thing is circumstances. I switch out between day and night mostly. If it is daylight and I am in uniform I carry the old standbye SW model 10 in my duty holster and a backup of a ruger 2inch 101 both loaded with Plus P ammunition. At night in uniform I switch to a Taurus Tracker in 45ACP with a Ruger P95 for my BUG. If I am working out of uniform about 70% of the time I carry a Sig P220 in 45ACP and a Ruger P345 as the BUG. I can get away with the bigger weapons because I'm 6'5 and 250 so concealment isn't a problem. The daytime uniform stuff is for the Officer friendly stuff. Everyone I approach has me outgunned as they all have long guns.

  11. I tote as much gun as I can
    1. carry comfortably
    2. conceal without standing out.

    Colder weather just means that better cover garments are less noticeable.

    Face it, a leather jacket, parka, rain coat, or whatever hides the bulge of that full size .45 much better than a heavy weight cotton T shirt or a silk cornball Hawaiian shirt ever will.

    Over the years, I've used everything from a 2 shot .32ACP derringer to a 5" Smith N frame for concealed carry. It all depends on what you can wear to hide it and not stand out like a Sherman button at a Georgia picnic.

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