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Thread: Why do you carry different guns?

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    I carry the same, in summer it just prints or (shows) more, since we are legal open carry, I dont worry about it

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    Like everyone else on here, I have several handguns but have opted to carry only one all the time. That is my Glock 23 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster at 4 o'clock. I am a pretty big fellow and can conceal it quite well. I just got tired of changing guns with my wardrobe and the weather. I don't care what the BG is wearing, a .40 cal bullet should penetrate and cause him to reconsider his intentions toward me. If one or two rounds doesn't stop him, I figure it will be time to vacate the premises and leave behind a trail of dust.

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    dadoo: But...... getting the "stuff" is half the fun. Now... do I have too many guns? Maybe. (Including two antiques that I purchased from friends before all the "tracking" paperwork became the vogue.) But they are all fun to shoot and MOST of them fall into tactical considerations for home, travel, carry.

    On the other hand, having a "high penetrator" round might be good, in a general sence, having a lessor powered slug helps relieve one of "what is behind the target?" worries. (To a certain extent.)

    While a high penetrator might be of use in a home invasion scenario (might get two for one!)..... my first response weapon in that scenario is my "combat 12 guage". (An automatic with boo-koo capacity mags are BUGs.)

    The best part of not having any kids living in the house is being able to "stage" weapons where they might be needed. (In my case, every room of the house has at least one ready to go.) Kids? A whole different ball game.

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