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    I had a 3 1/2" 1911 as my EDC weapon until yesterday. While I absolutely love the 1911 platform I have small hands and had difficulty getting around the beavertail to manipulate the hammer so I went looking for something a little more user friendly for me. I didn't have any problem with the recoil of the .45ACP but since I was looking at lighter guns (for the most part) I didn't want to count out the vast selection of lightweight compact 9mms. We spent the day yesterday driving around to all the gun shops within a 25mile or so radius and handling as many guns as we could. (I take along my husband as he is a better bargainer and has been shooting longer so I value his opinions on quality etc). He has much larger hands than I do but we both agreed that the SR9 and SR9c were very comfortable. I found that I naturally and easily was able to grip the gun correctly without even thinking about my hand placement - I was just 'there'. I also had no trouble reaching/manipulating the safety, mag release or slide release with the exception of new gun stiffness. Took it home and put about 14 rounds through - first few I mostly spent getting used to the new trigger pull which I didn't feel was that heavy, then with 8 rounds left I really paid attention to my aim and squeezed then off at a fairly quick pace. Maybe 2" group at 7 yards (yeah I know not spectacular but it is me who needs to practice more - the gun was flawless :) ). That is better groups right out of the box than any other new gun we have purchased and it is easy to shoot and control. All in all I am thrilled with my new EDC weapon and the fact that the ammo will cost me about half of what the .45 did is another plus.  7754
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  3. im thinking about the sr9c or the glock 26 for ccw in florida. what do guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestunner View Post
    im thinking about the sr9c or the glock 26 for ccw in florida. what do guys think?
    I looked at the Glock 26 but found it too bulky for my taste and the grip felt really thick. I would say handle them both and see which one feels better - keep in mind the type of holster you plan to carry it in as well. You might have the body type to pull off concealing the boxy Glock - there are many permit holders who carry them all the time - I am not one of those since I am too curvy :) IMHO I don't think you could go wrong with either of them as an EDC weapon though I am partial to the Ruger ;)  7754
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW-Ohio View Post
    I'm here for the educational opportunities (and they promised donuts). What is second strike? Do you mean that you cannot recock a hammer and pull the trigger the second time on a round???
    As Wolfhunter says you are correct. BTW, Glock doesn't have this ability either. Doesn't seem to be a problem for them.

    All DA/SA (Double-action first shot, single action after that - like the Beretta 92) guns have this ability as far as I know. Best practice with a dud round is to eject the round and fire the next one.

    I know of only one brand that advertises they have this ability (though several do have it). Ironically in an American Rifleman review of their products they needed it, which is strange since I've never seen that particular failure mentioned in any other test of any other firearm, and have never had it happen with factory loads or my reloads (I have had a round that did not ignite the powder but the primer did its job) outside of bulk-pack 22LR and one firearm issue. I had 2 in a box of 50 rounds with a Smith and Wesson 686 but that was because I had put in a reduced-power mainspring. Replaced it with the factory spring and all is well again.

    Add to this that I have seen other weapons from that manufacturer have this issue, which is really pretty rare with factory ammo outside of 22 LR bulk packs.

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