just picked up my glock 19 two tone
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Thread: just picked up my glock 19 two tone

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    just picked up my glock 19 two tone

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    Good choice! You won't be disappointed. I almost bought the OD green G19 a couple of years back. Settled on a G19 with Austrian proof markings. Great gun!! Enjoy

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    Congrats. I own a 19. Fine gun. Never a glitch. It will give you good service.
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    SWEET !! I love my 19, she's my baby.

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    I hate Glock except for the 19, and you have a nice one there.

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    I carry a 19 plus have 5 more Glocks, I like GLOCK, good choice the 19 is super.....
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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