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Thread: Longer Ranges With A Handgun?

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    I saw a guy on YouTube named "hickok45" get some amazing range distance with a few different glocks. It was fun to just watch.

    Me on the other hand.....

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    Everyone at the range thought I was nutz for shooting my FiveSeven at 50 yards. Well until they saw every one was in the black. I didn't even think about trying it at 100yds. I guess I have homework tomorrow at the range.

    If you guys/gals haven't had a chance to shoot the FN FiveSeven, you gotta give it a "shot". My handgun Caliber of choice has always been the 45 cal(kimber,Glock, and Para). After getting a Ps90, I had to get a FiveSeven. Both shoot the 5.7x28. This round is pretty impressive in all the balistic gel tests I have seen. The range is pretty incredible also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AR Hammer View Post
    ...Do any of you practice with longer ranges with your handguns?
    Any tricks to it I'm missing?
    Whenever I get the opportunity I shoot my S&W PC Model 627 with a Nikon VDS Red Dot at 75 to 100 yards targets. I dial the dot size down to the smallest setting, say three Hail Mary's and fire away. It's simple; it's just not easy. All kidding aside 100 yards is a long pistol shot but indeed a spotter helps.
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    I used to shoot IHMSA with a Ruger Security Six.


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    I'm good up to 50 yards, but that is slow deliberate shooting... I prefer 25 yards :)
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    I've never shot official range targets, but I spent two years of going to my property in Maine cutting a road all by myself. Sometimes I'd be tired, or just bored, and would shoot where I had measured 100 ft to a culvert I built, and had a no trespassing sign there. Leaning against a tree using two hands, the 9x12 inch target was pretty easy. Every time I'd walk the cut from my truck to where I was cutting I'd try a magazine from farther away. I'd stay at my buddies cabin there and one day his college age kids were shooting from his porch with a .22 rifle at a piece of firewood log about 16 x 5 or so floating in his pond, downhill, pretty darn near 100 yards. I watched for a minute and they offered me the rifle. I took the .40 off my hip, leaned against the porch post and aimed. One of the kids said he he'd do something to me if I hit it, which I can't repeat here. I squeezed one off, and smacked that log so it jumped nearly out of the water, first shot. I declined his offer. Probably a lot of luck involved but I felt really cool and raised some eye brows. Quit while I was ahead. Now that's one of the camp fire stories up there.

    My buddy was at the range and he said one of the guys took out his snub nose .38, and hit 3 out of three at a people size target 200 yards out. What do they have, like a 2" barrel? He said they actually had to wait for the bullet to get there and they could see each was a hit someplace in the target. I didn't see it, but knowing the source, I believe it.
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