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    I bought a stainless steel model CCW in February 2010. I loved it. This handgun was very precision made, and it shot so well. I didn't carry it for awhile because I had concerns about the way I was trying to carry it.
    A couple months ago I decided that the Ted Blocker IWB holster with the J "tuckable" clips, carrying at the 3 o'clock position was the way to carry. I could do that without the gun being printed in almost any position. I was amazed myself.

    After just a couple weeks of concealed carry, I noticed a rust spot on the SS slide. I was not happy, but it was not a deal breaker. Shortly after, the magazine safety was showing rust. Again, not happy, but still not a dealbreaker. Shortly after that, I discovered that the slide safety and the grip safety must have rusted together, because I had a terrible time getting the safety off.

    I emailed Para-USA. They called me early the next morning and made arrangements to have Fed-Ex pick up the gun. I live in the Sonoran desert, and while Fed-Ex delivers out here all the time, they will not make a pickup in the summer time. After a few days of no show, Para agreed to finally use UPS, who was out the next day to pick it up.

    My handgun was made in Canada. Something must have gone wrong with the SS configuration. The gun is very precision, and I was very impressed. It's been about three weeks now, and I have heard nothing from Para. But, I imagine it's going to take them a while to figure out what they did wrong, and what they are going to do about my gun.

    If this gun had no rust problems, I would have been extremely happy.


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    I have had some serious problems with their customer service department.

    I hope this is only because of the recent corporate relocation to the USA.


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    Had the same problem, although not as serious.

    About 5 years ago I bought a Para Ordinance Carry 12 for my main CCW gun. Loved it, still do. The Carry 12 is an all stainless frame / slide. After carrying it for a few months I noticed some rusting on the slide. Not a lot, but enough to be annoying. I take very good care of my weapons, especially a pistol that I carry. They get cleaned and oiled regularly. This shouldn't have happened.

    I contacted PO about it, their response was that it was due to poor maintenance. I was quite offended. Been carrying a full sized, blued, Colt for YEARS in the same holster and never had a spec of rust. Did wear a lot of the bluing off and still never had it rust. Somehow it was my fault that the Para rusted in just a couple of months. Really seemed like a cop out to me.

    This pistol also had a slidestop that didn't have a detent to keep it from bouncing up and engaging the slide at odd times. I put a detent on it and solved the problem but not before the slide got marred up.

    I've been shooting Para's for years, own several competition full race guns built on para frames, and still have a frame kit in the safe waiting on the next build, probably a 9mm Major.

    I was very disappointed with Para's response to my issue. I sincerely hope that they will take better care of you. I still think Para's are a great pistol but have some reservations about their customer service.

    Good luck. Hope this rant gets back to Para.


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