Smith & WessonŽ Begins Shipping BODYGUARDŽ Line
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Thread: Smith & WessonŽ Begins Shipping BODYGUARDŽ Line

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    Smith & WessonŽ Begins Shipping BODYGUARDŽ Line

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    GAG! RCO Specifically disallows lasers!
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    The revolver looks awfully close to an LCR.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    The revolver looks awfully close to an LCR.

    Looks like one of the Centennial Airweights with the cylinder latch moved to the top( why there????) and a laser added. As a left handed shooter, I can just as easily reach my right thumb over and hit the cylinder latch in its' traditional location as I press the cylinder open with the fingers of my right hand as I can learn a new manual of arms. It actually works out better the way i do it with the old design because it frees up my dominant (left) hand for getting the rounds in the speedloader lined up with the chambers. That requires more fine motor skills than most folks have in their non-dominant hand.

    What used to be called a 'Bodyguard' were the 5 shot J-frame .38 and .357's with an integral hammer shroud. They are now the known merely as the Models 638, 438, and 649 (.357 Mag). They can be ordered with Crimson Trace grips from the factory, too, if that's what trips your trigger.

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