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Thread: Springfield XD 40 or 380

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    Just picked up a XD 40 Service model last week for about $469 and have already put 100 rounds through it with no complaints.

  3. I love my XD Subcompat .40. As a matter of fact, I just bought another so I will always have one if one needs to go in for service. Kind of a lame reason because these guns are as dependable as they come. Great quality firearm and I carry it every day with no problem. Shorts and a t-shirt are more than enough to cover it.

    Having said that, I also have an LCR .380 which is another fine gun that I carry often too. Why don't you just get both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piece Corps View Post
    I carry my XD-40 and a Kel-Tec P-11 most of the time. The P-11 fits nicely into either my pocket holster or my ankle holster. It's a good BUG.
    Yea, I was carrying my P-11 in my pocket holster today while shopping with my wife. I can't blame the guy for getting the PPK, they are wonderful hand guns, but are a little heavy for a .380 chambering. They are classy though.

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    Of the choices you spoke of, I would go with the sub compact 40, haveing carryed weapons for some time, the only reason I could think of for going with a 380 would as a back up, or deep concealment for whatever reason, also the larger frame 380s seem like a waste of space, I mean you can have a 9mm in the same size gun, my wife and I each carry 380s as back up (TCP 738s) for main carry I use a G-27 or G-36 and she uses a G-26

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