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    I see a lot of 1911s for sale new...I'd really rather not spend $1000 on the gun and I'm thinking about picking one up used.

    I saw the "Inspection Checklist" at http://www.m1911.org/InspectionChecklist.pdf but I was curious if anyone here has had any experience with used 1911s. Any advice?

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    yup i have just follow the check list , if it passes buy it,

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    Saved that checklist to my documents....thanks!

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    Buy a new Glock,and save lol,
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    4. Sear Rest/Engagement test - To test the reset complete the basic firing test (#2 above) but leave the trigger
    pulled fully rearward. Pull the slide fully to the rear and then allow it to come forward into battery(hammer should now
    be fully cocked). Release trigger and pull again. Hammer should fall. To test engagement, lock the slide back and
    grip the gun normally. Release the slide stop, allowing the slide to slam forward under pressure from the recoil spring
    The hammer should not fall for any reason. Warning: repeatedly allowing the slide to slam closed on an empty
    chamber can damage the pistol. Limit this test to one or two attempts. If you are evaluating a gun for purchase, let the
    owner know you are going to perform this test and why.

    The bold that I have highlighted is something that you should not do with a 1911 handgun anymore than once. Repeating this without ammunition will result in the loosening of the extractor and ejector, or possibly breaking it. I wanted to highight it so those that do not read further miss the warning.

    What manufacturer are you considering purchasing used ?

    How many rounds have been fired through the weapon ?

    Why is the seller selling it ? (attempt to get an honest answer)

    Wha ? if any modifications have been made to the 1911 ? I.E. New extractor, ejector, firing pin, springs, barrel, feed ramp polishing, mainspring housing, slide stop, plunger tube etc.

    I love 1911's but they do warrant some work from time to time if your going to run the gun to any real length of service reliability.

    Yes, buy a Glock. :D
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    i bought my springfield 1911 used for 475 plus a galco holster and 3 mags. i havent had a problem with it and would buy another used gun. that list is a good one, use it.

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    I have a Para LTC that runs about 150 rounds a week and it just eats them up. Just tonight I hit 4 out of five bowling pins in league shooting one handed on the weak hand...very accurate. I also have a Kimber that I bought used. I carry the Kimber daily and I love that pistol. It is very accurate and very reliable, and it isn't plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MufDady View Post
    Buy a new Glock,and save lol,
    That's a big 10-4.

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    Yeah, don't bother with that Mercedes, get the Yugo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by usuallyRickB View Post
    Yeah, don't bother with that Mercedes, get the Yugo!

    It depends on the 1911, I look out for 1911’s that have had the shade tree mechanic trigger jobs or ramp/chamber work. If the gun is stock go through the check list (Really check for cracks), if it works buy it. I also take a hard look at after market sights, make sure there are no air gaps in the dove tails. My favorite 1911 is a used Colt I bought back in 1988, I still carry this gun every day. The sear/trigger had been worked on by someone that did not know their way around a 1911, I bought at a good price and put a new trigger and sear in it. It has ran for another 50,000 rounds and I just replaced the trigger and sear again 6 months ago. The original government hammer is still in the gun. Along the way I replaced the ejector, extractor, recoil and firing pin springs a few times.

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