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    I am still calling for ammothingy to replace both clip and magazine in order to offend everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulIcemanMc View Post
    Now it gets interesting. My friend calls me and says about the end of the 3rd box of ammor the "take down pin" begins to come out. He puts it back in several times and then it comes out completely and the gun falls apart. He finds the pieces and calls S&W and they say they will send him a box and they will make it right.
    Now I go on to the internet and "google" it and find this is not the only issue. There is some cracking of the frame on the back by the hammer and the laser switch coming apart. Well now, I called my guy and said go ahead a sell mine to someone else and I will wait, he was fine with that, and now I will wait until the bugs are all exterminated before thinking so fast again....
    I posted this earlier, but will repeat it here.

    I went to my favorite gun store to buy the Bodyguard after the fantastic write-up in G&A mag. My dealer had one, but it was in his safe awaiting shipment back to S&W.

    I offered to buy it (new-in-box), but he refused to sell it to me. He told me about the many issues with the pistol and said to "wait" until they get the bugs out".

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