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    OK people no need to bash Shinta about the spelling. He can fix that spelling problem later (with hard work and lots of practice).

    And shooting a gun takes time, effort and a lot of practice.

    From what I'm reading You and your friend need to practice with a handgun. First the shooting a rifle is not the same as shooting a handgun. With a rifle you have 3 points of contact with the firearm.(cheek, right hand on stock and left hand on foregrip) and with a handgun you only have 1 point of contact (your hands).

    Usually a glock if it is assembled incorrectly it will not function at all.

    The spring theory is bogus, sorry a glock does not need to have a buffer spring replaced just because the owner does not know how to handle the recoil...Again that comes with practice...get a smaller caliber, maybe get a conversion kit for 22LR for the glock..

    You need a few things to make sure you are safe around guns and your friend. OK. nothing personal just trying to avoid an accident. do this first before going to the range again. PLEASE...!
    1.- Go take an NRA basic pistol course. ( - Portal for NRA certified Instructors, NRA Education and Training)
    2.- practice your breathing, stance and trigger control. <---This is why you are off target!!!
    3.- use a smaller caliber, Your Glock maybe a 40S&W (you did not indicate the caliber, I'm guessing here).

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    Maybe I am being harsh, but this is not a forum on how to drift your nitrous-enhanced Honda car. We're discussing deadly weapons. I'm willing to give anyone a chance, but a couple things about Shinta have me discouraged a bit.

    1. PTSD, written in his own words. Not a total disqualifier except that he said, "i have ptsd and its getting the best of me, and the only way i have fond to help me with that is to put rounds down range."

    His original post is here (first post, BTW):

    2. Someone named Shinta from Goose Creek posted this statement on a public profile on a public internet website "we where not raised the same as normal ppl o no. killing someone would not be hard". Our Shinta from Goose Creek wrote on this forum that he isn't the guy on that website. Sorry, "Shinta in Goose Creek" is what the website says, and that is also what Shinta told us in his first post. Same handwriting and punctuation. I can't say 100% that these two Shinta's from Goose Creek are the same people, but just sayin...

    His original post is here:

    3. Ignores requests to correct spelling and grammar. Why is this important? Because those things can be checked for free (I spell pretty well and do it on almost all my posts anyway), and not taking the time to do these simple checks shows a lack of basic responsibiity and maturity.

    It's sad, but if I were not convinced Shinta is a real person, I'd think we had an Anti 2A troll posting here, baiting folks to advise a mentally ill person whose friend handles handguns like McDonald's Happy Meal toys on how to use a deadly weapon.

    BUT, since I do believe Shinta is real, I'll try harder to be like stingray2100 and give him the best advice I know on how to be safe with firearms.

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    Shinta, how old are you? Are you over 21?


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    No way this guy's real. "great full" = "grateful"? Give me a break. I think it's a well-known banned troll sneaking back in. Didn't last too long, either.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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    Shinta...You need help with the following:

    1.- spelling.
    2.- PTSD...! yeah first if you have that, You should know how to handle a gun before you get out of basic training.
    3.- You need a coach to make you a better liar. You suck at it.

    Sorry. I'm not waisting time on this one.

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    So is this shinta going to be banned from posting?

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    Learn the differance between a clip and a magazine.

    Quote Originally Posted by shinta View Post
    i got to go to the rang to day, to shot my .22 lr and my friend bought her glock with her. not im not a hand gun person but i have good aim seen as i can get a target with my .22 at 200 yards witha 15 mph crass wing and stay in the 9-10 rang.

    on the rang it was marked on the wall 5 and its a 25yd rang so i taking it it was 5 yds? she put a clip down rang and hit 3 out of 15. then we moved it up to 3 thinking it was out to far and she hit like 6 -7 out of 15. we reloaded both clips and put new target up and i did the same and i got more in the target but between both clips i didnt even get 15 rounds in the target.
    as i got to looking at it the barrel moves a long when pull the slide back and lock it.

    so the question is if there any way to titen it up , or some trick to it. it move side to side a lil an up an down a lot. im trying to keep form taking to a gun smith.

    if you can help i would be great full
    The Glock series of pistols do not use clips to load, feed or store ammunition, they all use a detachable magazine. AFAIK the only handgun that used clips to load ammo was the Mauser Broomhandle. There is a word of differance between a clip and a magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    Shinta, every time you post you scare me a little more, Buddy.

    Having PTSD you probably should not be handling firearms. And you seem to ignore any advice on taking a moment to improve grammar and spelling (both of which can be checked for free on the internet), which shows a lack of responsibility to your fellow posters here. We can advise you and your friends about safe gun handling and storage, following the law, etc. But if you are not willing to learn, you are wasting our time and getting a showcase of your irresponsibility on a very public website.

    I sure would like to know you are getting treatment.

    From here on, my recommendation is to stay away from firearms until you are more emotionally and socially mature.

    No hate, just my thoughts on the reality of your situation.
    Refer to what MufDady said.

  10. Great comment Islander

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