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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    Detonics Combatmaster .45 acp. Mark VI in the ankle holster (now legal in Georgia).
    Thanks, for the info. If I decide to plunk-down the funds for a G27, I will also get an ankle holster for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Durring the first season and a half or so, he carried a Dormas and Dixon Bren-Ten in a shoulder holster made by the Famous Jackass Leather Company. Parts for the Bren-Ten became an issue, so somewhere in the second season, IIRC, he switched to a Colt Delta-Elite 10mm. He continued to use the shoulder holster system. The Famous Jackass Leather Company is now known as Galco, and the holster that Don Johnson used is now called the Miami Classic.

    Don Johnson also carryed a compact pistol in an ankle holster, I want to say it was a Colt 380, but I am not sure. He did use a Steyr-AUG rifle and a Stryker-12 shotgun in various episodes.
    During the first season-and-a-half, "Sonny Crockett" carried his Bren Ten in a Ted Blocker Lifeline shoulder rig. Supposedly, Blocker got the call because the producers of Miami Vice could not locate Richard Gallagher, who had changed the name of his company from The Famous Jackass Leather Company to Galco. Galco subsequently supplied Jackass-style rigs, which evolved over the years to become the Miami Classic. The Bren Ten was replaced first with a S&W 645, and then a 4506. Galco claims that Don Johnson didn't like the fit of the Lifeline, but if you watch episodes of Johnson's later cop show, Nash Bridges, you'll see him packing his custom 1911 in a Blocker Lifeline. Vltor, an Arizona company best known for AR accessories, announced that they would produce a new Bren Ten, at the 2008 SHOT Show. Pre-production guns were shown at both the '09 and '10 shows, and latest word is that the guns will start shipping in late October. Galco has added a Jackass style shoulder rig for the Bren Ten to their line of custom holsters, and Ted Blocker will make Nash Bridges-style Lifelines for the Bren Ten upon request. Like the Miami Classic, the present-day Lifeline looks little like the ones that were made in the '80s.

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    If you buy a 1911 in 40 all you have to do is deapen the chamber for 10mil and buy some mags.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cksh8me View Post
    If you buy a 1911 in 40 all you have to do is deapen the chamber for 10mil and buy some mags.
    Actually, no, that won't work.

    Your cheapest way to do it would be to have a second barrel fitted in 10mm along with a set of the proper weight recoil spring for the level of 10mm loads you intend on shooting and some mags that will take the 10mm. I THINK the ejection port on the slide will be the same size no matter what caliber you end up starting with. You ARE, however, limited, as far as I know, to a 10mm/.40S&W slide because they have the same basic dimensions on the case head, so you don't have to screw around with the extractor but may have to change the ejector. If you try to convert a 9mm/.38 Super or .45 slide, you gotta change the extractor, too- if the breech face is compatible and I don't know if it is or not.

    To tell the truth, you best bet would be a separate slide, barrel and recoil spring assembly. I did this with my EAA Witness (I bought a .45 Witness that now also has a .40S&W, 9mm and .38 Super slide fitted for its' frame) and I've seen some COLT 1911 case sets that were laid out in this manner and I'll probably end up getting a .38 Super slide (I've got the barrel and recoil spring, guide and plug) for a 9mm Combat Commander I have.

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    To save money, some companies use the same slide for .40/10mm and .38 Super, as the case rim diameters are very similar. Some use the same slide for Super and 9mm, for the same reason. You could conceivably make a gun that would work for Super, .40, and 10, with only different barrels, mags, and probably, extractors, if the slide has a .40/10 breechface.
    In converting a .40 to 10mm, I'd be more concerned with the rating of the mainspring than the recoil spring. Use of full-power or heavier mainsprings reduces the need for a heavy recoil spring, and the latter can adversely affect function.

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    I carry a 10mm S&W Model 1076. I have zero bad to say about it. I believe most folks that don't like it have never owned one. Also, when the 10mm was introduced and the FBI adopted it, the round was quite a bit hotter (original NORMA specs).

    Hence the reason for my post. Where can I find the Original load data for my Model 1076, 10mm?

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    Thumbs up Kimber 10mm Eclipse

    It's a great gun! The target loads are neutered but I believe "Buffalo Bore" ammo are very hot loads.

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    The Nuge reviewed his new STI 10mm that was compensated.

    Needless to say he was nuts about it.

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    Dan Wesson makes a great "1911" in 10mm. It's the nicest one I ever saw.

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