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Thread: beretta 92fs vs taurus pt92

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNBlackjack View Post
    I would not but the Taurus. I made that mistake. After buying a Beretta model 96 and put thousands of rounds through it, I wanted a 9mm. I bought the PT92 in stainless and regretted it. Its fit and finish is nothing like a Beretta. I sold it quickly and bought the Beretta model 92 Inox. Lesson learned.
    It seems every time I get attracted to buy a Taurus, I read something like this that shuts down any such foolish thoughts. As was mentioned Taurus pistol clones are not that much cheaper than the actual models they copy. Their customer service is one big horror story if you believe anything from people on forums like this who have had issues with them. In short, why take the gamble when for a few bucks more you can purchase original quality? Bill T.

  3. This sounds like my sons, one swears by a Chevy the other by a Ford. I guess what I am saying is, do they job we ask of them? The answer is yes they do. As I said before I have not owned or for that matter even shot a Beretta so I can't judge, except to say I like my Taurus weapons. I am now the proud owner of the Taurus PT 140 Millennium and will shoot it today. I have heard good things about the Beretta and some horror stories also. Far more good than bad. Beretta? Ok great. Taurus? Good to just not as expensive. Walk softly, and shoot straight friends.

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    I don't own the Beretta 92 or the Taurus PT92, but I do own a Beretta Model 1951 9mm that I bought NIB way back in the early 70's and it still spits them out on demand after all of these years! I feel that my Taurus pistols, ie.; PT145, PT709ss, 738/TCP, and PT25 will give me the same service.
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    I would trust by life to a Beretta. I doubt I would make that claim with a Taurus. A FTF at the range results in disappointment, the same on the street can get you killed. It just isn't worth taking the chance. The Beretta went through military trials, and won. That carries a lot of weight in the dependability department in regards to any weapon. How many Law Enforcement or military personell carry Taurus pistols? Bill T.

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    I am looking at the two guns not for carry. I have a 1911 for my carry gun. I just like the model 92's but dont wanna buy a crappy gun. I am a poor college student so saving a few bucks is somewhat of a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by springfield1911 View Post
    I am looking at the two guns not for carry. I have a 1911 for my carry gun. I just like the model 92's but dont wanna buy a crappy gun. I am a poor college student so saving a few bucks is somewhat of a big deal.
    Understood. There in lies the problem with Taurus. You may purchase one, and in the process wind up with an excellent pistol that will give you years of trouble free service. On the other hand you could get a "lemon" that is problem plagued with things like small parts breakage, stove piping, FTF, FTE, etc. That's just the way it seems to go with Taurus. And for no rhyme or reason. Yes, that can, and does in fact occur with other makes as well, it just seems to be far more prevalent with Taurus handguns for some reason.

    Another thing you want to concern yourself with is resale value. If you purchase a Beretta, if and when you ever decide to sell it, even non enthusiasts know the Beretta name. After all it's been around for 400 years. Taurus, not so much so. Also, the Beretta can be had on sale for almost at Taurus prices. My wife purchased this Beretta 92-F brand new from Cabela's for just $549.00. I've seen the Taurus clones sell for as much, or in some cases even more. It's your decision, but with all things considered I would shop carefully, and go with the Beretta. At the risk of sounding like an oil filter commercial, you can pay now, or pay later. Bill T.

  8. I might buy the PT92 based only on the frame-mounted safety, which I really prefer. How old/classic do I have to go if I want to get a Beretta 92 with a frame-mounted safety and how much does it cost (I don't mean that 75th anniversary collectable, I want to pay <$500. Hello, by the way, I'm new and arrived here via Google search!

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  9. I have owned several Taurus handguns and I never had a problem with them , now that out of the way there has NEVER been a gun manufacturer that has not had a recall / problem with their products it is a tool and like such is capable of defects from manufacture . I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good firearm for defense who can not afford an expensive firearm .

  10. I was an armorer in the marines for 8 years and have repaired many berettas. While Iíve never had my hands on the Taurus version I suspect that it would suffer the same short comings and I would not trust my life to either as an EDC. Locking blocks are/were the biggest weakness for any gun that had some mileage on them. I would personally prefer something with a fixed locking mechanism as less moving parts the better.

    Now from the range gun standpoint I wouldnít have a problem with either one, but my preferred pistol of the two would be the Taurus because of the safety/decocker location. Itís just more ergonomically correct to me.

    My first pistol was a Taurus PT940 and I still have it and still shoot it today. We have been together for 22 years and have many more years ahead of us. Thousands of rounds have been sent down range and never a single problem with it.

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    I have 2 Beretta's & 3 Tauri. I like them all, but the PT is better ergonomically because of the safety on the frame.
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