beretta 92fs vs taurus pt92
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Thread: beretta 92fs vs taurus pt92

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    beretta 92fs vs taurus pt92

    I love the 92 model guns. I have a friend that says stay away from taurus but i know taurus bought the beretta factory years back and is making the 92 model just like beretta did only cheaper. My question is does are they really as good as the beretta and if so why are they cheaper? thanks in advance for your input.

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    They are not that much cheaper anymore. The quality of the Taurus is on par with the Beretta. Those who do not own a Taurus pistol will always say they are sub par. That being said my two primary carry guns are a PT1911B and a PT92 SS AFS. I do now that their are some serious problems going on with 2009 models. I have bought a 22 caliber revolver, and a PT38 super which were complete crap, and both made in 2009. I think there was a rush in late 2008 and early 2009 to get the pistols out when everyone was going crazy to buy anything they could get their hands on. Even my 2009 Beretta, CZ, Smith and Wesson were all junk, just a bad year for guns I guess. In Summery don't let anyone tell you not to buy a Taurus pistol until you have fired it for yourself. I trust my life with mine everyday.

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    Taurus just brought their building in brazil nothing else man. Go with the Taurus if you like but beretta has been around almost 475 years. I personally love my beretta and my brother just got an new 92 and loves it. The US military likes them as well and I'm thinking on getting one of their shotguns too.

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    A little history on the Taurus PT92 Pistol

    Taurus entered into the pistol business almost by chance. In 1974, Beretta won a major pistol contract for the Brazilian military. Part of the contract stipulated that Beretta manufacture the pistols in Brazil and employ Brazilian labor. Accordingly, Beretta constructed a large plant in San Paulo and when the contract expired in 1980, Beretta sold the entire facility to Taurus, including all technical data, tooling and machinery.

    In one fell swoop, Taurus was in the pistol business. While the Beretta factory continued to manufacture Beretta-type pistols under the Taurus name, the Brazilian company set out to redesign the pistols for improved performance and ergonomics. The result was the Taurus PT 92 series.

    At first glance, the Taurus PT 92 and PT 99 appear to be simple Beretta 92 clones, but while similar, the Pt's are functionally different than the Beretta product. Beretta 92 and Taurus PT 92 parts will not interchange, not even magazines.

    While the Beretta 92 series pistols are excellent handguns, they lack several features that many pistol users find attractive. The most significant change undertaken by Taurus engineers was redesigning the fire control mechanism and moving the selector switch from the slide down to the pistol's frame, where most shooters feel it belongs.

    The ambidextrous Taurus selector switch is right next to the shooter's thumb and can be accessed without changing one's grip on the pistol. The uppermost position is "safe," while the first notch down is "fire." Pressing the selector switch down beyond the "fire" position safely drops the hammer.

    This ingenious design not only makes the Taurus PT 92 more ergonomically friendly, but enables the gun to be carried in the classic cocked-and-locked Condition One. This is widely accepted as the fastest carry mode for getting a pistol into action and also eliminates the need to transition from a double- to single-action grip after the first shot. Most shooters also prefer the wider grip grooves on the Taurus slide over the thin ones of the Beretta.
    So while Beretta is Beretta, Taurus is Taurus. Not clones or wannabe's, but their own design and company.
    I own both, and the Taurus is better. I'll have to see about the new Beretta 92A1 Maybe just an old dog with a new trick.

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    great info guys, thats exactly what i was looking for. Im going to start doing some shopping around

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    I would not buy the Taurus. I made that mistake. After buying a Beretta model 96 and put thousands of rounds through it, I wanted a 9mm. I bought the PT92 in stainless and regretted it. Its fit and finish is nothing like a Beretta. I sold it quickly and bought the Beretta model 92 Inox. Lesson learned.

  8. I can't speak for Beretta as I have never owned or even shot one. But my primary carry weapons are the Taurus Pt-92 AFS ans the Ruger P-90. A little large but both are great to carry and shoot. TAURUS? One of the greatest.

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    I have a stainless Taurus PT92 w/ rosewood grips. Was a joy to shoot. Never an issue and very little recoil.

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    i got a Taurus PT100 which is there 40 S&W... not a single problem here... granted i havnt fired thousands of rounds through them so my testimony can be ignored.. but i do like the feel of it better.. but i would buy a Berretta also...
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    The fit and finish of the Beretta are far above anything Taurus does.

    I had a PT and the FS to choose from and it was a slam dunk for me!


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