Problems with TRUGlo TFO sights
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Thread: Problems with TRUGlo TFO sights

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    Problems with TRUGlo TFO sights

    I purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P 9c about 2 months ago and had a set of TRUGlo TFO sights installed and the front sight keeps coming apart. The fiber looks like it is coming loose from the housing and cracking/shredding.

    The first time I took my pistol to the range I fired 240 rounds, noticed that the fiber was poking about an eigth of an inch out of the housing and had wispy strands coming off of it. I took it back to the smith that installed them and he was kind enough to replace the front sight. The second trip, 210 rounds pretty much the same result, fiber didnt project as far but you could tell it was loose and there were a lot of wispy strands. This time since TRUGlo is located about 20 min from where I live I took it to them and had them repair it. They asked that after picking it up that I give it 24 hours for everything to cure well, I let the gun rest for a week. Took the gun to the range today and put 300 rounds through it, same problem as before, taking it back to TRUGlo tomorrow for repair.

    The only good thing about this is that TRUGlo's customer service has been good, had my gun back in 24 hours last time and they seem genuinely concerned.

    Has anyone else experienced problems like this and am I dumb for giving them a 4th chance? I really like the sights but this is supposed to be my CCW. The pistol has remained accurate even with the problem but still, they advertise a 12 year warranty and I haven't been able to make it past a week yet. I will update thiis after it is repaired and tested.

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    I've had TFOs on two Glocks, G-17 9mm and G-21 45 ACP for years and have put many rounds through them with no problem. Since you are so close to Tru-Glo and can give them a chance to fix the problem I would suggest doing that as a lower cost option than buying another brand. Let us know that happens.

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    Ok, so I dropped my slide off last Friday, Truglo replaced the sight and I had the slide back in hand Friday afternoon. Excellent turnaround! Took my 9c to the range today and in less than 100 rounds the fiber was loose to the point I could slide it in and out about an 8th of an inch. Called Truglo tech support and they can't seem to figure out whats going on. The gentleman I talked to was even the one that had done the work last friday. Seemed like he was about as frustrated as I am. He did say that the fiber in the last sight seemed to be too soft, and that the fibers they are using should be harder and more brittle.

    Not sure what I am going to do now. Don't know if I have it in me to do a 5th round. May be a XS big dot or a set of Trijicons in my future.

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    The TruGlo sight on my Sig P220 Equinox fell out once, sent my slide back to Sig and they replaced it. No problems since.

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