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  1. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I usually just ask the grocery store to double bag with paper instead of plastic.
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? What drug are you on?
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    A couple of things;

    1) Sounds silly, but be sure that the bag you select will be able to handle the abuse of traveling to and from the range hauling your gear. Ammunition and firearms can get heavy.

    2) I recommend to my students to stay away from bags that have firearms logos or any indications that the bag may contain firearms. A couple of friends have found that a nice heavy duty tool bag (Makita, Dewalt, Craftsman, etc) will do the trick. Some states require that firearms be transported in a locked container. If for some strange reason you forget to lock your bag, it's less likely that an officer will ask you "so what do you have in your Dewalt bag?" versus, "what do you have in that Sig bag?"

    3) Find a bag that is comfortable to carry. The suggestion of a bag with wheels is great, but keep in mind that some places you go shooting may not have nice paved access to the range. You may have to walk on a muddy trail or up a hill. A well balanced bag with a comfortable shoulder strap is my personal preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay View Post
    get the midway bag....

    midwayusa competition range bag - midwayusa

    i've had one for years, and it's terriffic. It goes on sale every month or so for $39.95. It's a duplicate of the 511 bag, except for the midway logo.

    It will handle four handguns, a removable inner carrier, with a bag for brass. I get enough in mine it's a good load to carry very far.

    You will not be disappointed in it......

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    By the way I do love the MidwayUSA range bag. It has room enough for everything. Let me know if anyone wants to see it. I will post a pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? What drug are you on?
    Drug use is contrary to my religious belifes.

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    I have the Midway bag and like it, but lately I've been using one of these

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    Carhart makes a really nice toolbag in two different sizes. The small one which I personally use holds about four pistols without large hard cases , two sets of hearing protection , two sets of glasses and 500 or so rnds of ammo , has internal and external pockets for tools mags rags brushes lubes ect. Works well for me. The large one would hold tons more. Both have lockable zippers and have a framed opening and are made of the thick tan car hart canvas-my wife manages a uniform store but anyplace that sells car hart should have or at least be able to order.

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    The Midway bag is on sale in the new flyer I just received today for $39.99.

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    Anything from Maxpedition is great quality and worth a look, but don't be surprised at the prices. They are second to none in bags and cases.

    Another is Tactical Tailor.
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    Just received the Midway bag today (ordered it yesterday morning, delivered by 4PM today) based on recommendations here. Wow! What a bag. A little larger than I was expecting. I guess I could pack a lunch with everything else and still have plenty of room. When I ordered, it came up at the $39.99 price, my birthday price special it said (birthday later this week). Can't wait to load it up and go shoot on Saturday morning with my wife. Thanks for the recommendation. We had been looking at Cabela's last weekend and they really didn't have anything near this nice.

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