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Thread: What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

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    DeSantis Superfly for CT-equipped LCPs. Before I added the CT I used a DeSantis Nemesis. I have a Bulldog pouch (the one that looks like a PDA case) that I use occasionally but very seldom.

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    I'm a fan of the Uncle Mike's in-the-pocket holster as well.

    As a side note (I know this is about pocket holsters), the NRA slide holster for small .380s holds the LCP really well if you're looking for an IWB, OWB, or behind-back holster. It does take some breaking in but it's very multi-purpose!

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    I might have to check out a few of those listed. Don't get me wrong, I really like mine but the gun does occasionally drop out. Nothing but carpet drops, but It has taught me to be much more careful.

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    Why not give a try making your own?

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    I use a Pocket Concealment Systems Harpoon model for my Sig P238. Don't see why this holster wouldn't work for a Ruger LCP. The only drawback is the 10-12 week delivery schedule. However, the quality and functionality will make your wait worthwhile.

    Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc.: Harpoon

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