I put about 50 rnds through both of them today. I will give give a brief review of both guns after my first outing with either. I did a 11 yd slow shoot and a 7yd rapid fire test(see photos at the bottom)

1.) Ruger LCP.
At only 9.4oz it is suprisingly accurate for a small pocket 380. It holds 6 rnds but only comes with 1 magazine(6rnds), lock,manual, carrying case and extended mag bottom. The size is perfect to drop in your pocket and forget about. The trigger pull on this is horrible. It was like waiting on an old lady to cross the street. I thought for sure this was going to pull my shots off of paper. but as seen below, it fairly accurate at 11yds slow shoot, but less accurate at 7yd rapid fire(all but 1 shot was on paper though). I would reccomend getting night sights or painting the front post as it is very hard to see, but remember it is a point and shoot gun, not a target gun. recoil wasn't too bad and sight acquisition was rather quick on the following shot.

Final thought: Nice gun, wish it was more powerful and the trigger was better. Great gun to take joggin, biking or someplace size matters and you don't want to know its there(unless needed). Shot Fiocchi 90gr JHP
Funny observation: The lock is bigger than the gun

2.) Kahr PM40:
Powerful little pocket rocket in 40cal. Comes with nice plastic case,manual, trigger lock(not pictured), 2 mags(6rnd & 5rnd) I loved the trigger on this as it was a very short easy pull. It is a solid gun but does weigh 15.8 oz(unloaded). It shot well at 11yds but a few rounds didn't make it on the paper. It has a steeper learning curve due to its sights. I am sure it will get more accurate with more range time. The recoil was a little more than I wished, but not too bad. Sight acquisition on the next shot was fairly quick, but not fast.

Final thought: Great small gun, trigger is awesome and you can tell it is unleashing some power. The sights could be easier to use, especially in a CCW style weapon. Much smaller than my Glock 27. Just small enough to put in pocket, but you just will always know its there. Shot winchester 40s&w 165gr FMJ

Range results,
1st pic, 11yds Slow fire. Kahr on left and Ruger on right
2nd pic 7yds Rapid fire. kahr on left and Ruger on right