.400 Cor-Bon (Corbon?)
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    .400 Cor-Bon (Corbon?)

    Does anyone have any insight on .400 Cor-Bon? I'm a fan of .40 cal in general, and I have found that one can purchase a .400 Cor-Bon barrel that will "drop-in" a 1911 with minimal fitting.

    I know that it is a necked down .45 ACP cartidge, which is why a barrel is all that should be necessary to convert, but performance wise, how does it stack up?

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    The .400 Corbon is a work around to get 10mm balistics out of a 45 ACP frame. You can also get a .400 Corbon barrel for a Glock 21. That way if you like the .400 Corbon you can lose those 1911 sissy pistols and get yourself a Glock.

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