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  1. Kinber

    I went and checked out a Kimber Ultra Carry II.. What a sweet gun.. I want to order one but not sure which.. Ultra Carry II or Pro Carry??
    Any input??
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    Got both...CDP versions. We like them very much, and the Ultra (3") has a Match-quality trigger!! Very happy with our purchases, their quality and their accuracy.
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    I have had 5 kimbers and loved every one. My favoites are the TLE II and the eclipse ultra. Just beware, if you plan on to carry the "ultras", they will stove pipe if you liimp wrist them. The pro would probably be a better choice to carry. I think the eclipse has a heavier frame and isn't prone to that. I about crapped my drawers when it first happened. I was like "it must be the ammo" I went home and did some research and sure enough, it was the gun. I made a mental note and it doesn't happen anymore.

    Now this isn't an everyday occurance, like the para hawg series, but for me once in a crisis situation is once to many. I stil have 3 of my Kimbers and probably will never sell them. I just opt for a different carry than my ultra.

    As for their accuracy, WOW!!! Out of the box it will shoot as good if not better than any other gun I have seen, even with their "mods" I sold my springfield with $600 worth of mods after shooting my new Kimber ;)

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    My CDPII officer is noticeably more accurate than a SIG P220 I have, both bought new.

    But like mpohio says, the small frame .45 needs a strong hand to shoot reliably. No biggie.

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    Not so sure about that. My wife even has no problems with mine. She loves it, and she normally carries a Bobcat. Reliable and accurate.

  7. I would also look at the kimber compacts. A officer lower and a commander upper. Best of both worlds

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    Thumbs down 1911's are for sissies.

    Lose those sissy pistols and get yourself a Glock.

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    My primary carry weapon is a Kimber Ultra Carry. You can't beat it's reliability and accuracy as well as it being easy to conceal. You can't go wrong getting one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Lose those sissy pistols and get yourself a Glock.
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    Too pricey for me. Most run around a grand. I'll stick to my Springfield 1911A1 MIL-SPEC. Old piece for a old man.

    GLAD to hear people out there can afford em though. They do look pretty sweet. Kinda reminds me of my WESTPAC Days. You can spend a lot but in the end you get the same thing, BANG-BANG!
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