High standard officers model 1911 ?
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Thread: High standard officers model 1911 ?

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    High standard officers model 1911 ?

    I found a pretty good deal on a High Standard Officers model 1911 Today and I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with it ? All of these new 1911's ( high standard, American classic, citadel, rock island) are all made in the Philippines, more or less the same guns . even the budget STI is made there now. My question is has anybody had one of these brand officers models. One of my main concerns is accuracy. I have shot full sized 1911 for a while and now I am spoiled rotten ! This model has a coned barrel ( no bushing ). On my full sized model All I have done for the accuracy is a match bushing, and boom .... Instant tack-driver . What can i do to rope in the groups on a bushing-less gun ? Any help is appreciated .


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    High Standard is made in the same factory as the Rock Island. You shouldn't have any issues. I have over 10,000 rounds through one of my Rock's . Warranty service is great if you ever need it.

    If you got the Mid size don't worry about it you shouldn't notice any real difference in accuracy over your Govt model. If you have the Compact then it's accurate enough, Really can't expect to drive tacks with a 3" gun, but it will group under 5" at 10 yards.

    Guess I should read the title, The Compact is the officer size, Mine has about 5000 rounds through it. I can shoot at 10 yards a group about the size of my fist, if I don't get lazy. The coned barrle is really actually nicer than the bushing model, the lock up is always tight and there is no play in the barrel or area for it to wear and get sloppy. Field stripping is a little unique, And the best way I found involves a paperclip so don't be surprised if somebody say you need one.

    Here is the first in a 4 part series I did on You Tube about how to break the compact down: Rock Island Compact Breakdown
    Also on: Ksccw.com NRA/Ks. Firearms instructor, Cheif Range Safety Officer

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    Thanks doctruptwn I just came from the shop and have run about 75 or so rounds through it and I am really impressed ! It was a lot more accurate than I had expected . I had a couple of failure to feeds the first mag but After that I had no trouble. Just needs to be broken in a little bit. I am very happy with it so far and I would definitely recommend this gun to anybody looking for a good Inexpensive 1911 .
    Thanks again for the answer


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    I have a High Standard Officer model 1911 and use it to shoot IDPA, which I am new to. I like it alot. It is as accurate as the person holding it and I seem to have been able to progress in my scoring the more I use it. The recoil is a bit snappy unlike the the full size model, but it is controllable. I think the thing is to practice with it as much as you can so you can be comfortable with the way it handles.

    I decided to use it in IDPA because it is my carry gun and one should always practice with the firearm they carry. I have also been reloading for the HS Officer model 1911 and have noted that some of the loads will fail to go completely into battery (almost but not quite), but all commercial loads with FMJ feed and fire just fine. I am in the process of attempting to diagnose the problem with these particular reloads. The only hollow points I have fired are the Winchester Personal Protection, and they feed and fire without any problems.

    Hope that helps a little.


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