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    New Kimber Free !!!!

    Yes, I said FREE !!!

    Here's the back story. A gunsmith, who I've known for years and years, has run for County Commissioner a few times now and never beat the incumbent. I do occassional business with him. Trades, buy parts, have parts installed etc.

    Few months back he say's "I'v running again for County Commissioner be sure to vote for me" No problem, I can't stand the incumbent commissioner either, he's a baffoon and a democrat to beat. He's been in offfice way too long.

    I agree to hand out some of his little flyers in my immediate neighborhood. Which I kinda wished I hadn't done becasue it is political and it does require you to beat the pavement and knock on some doors. The greetings at the door are not alway's friendly.

    He then gives me box full of little metal beer bottle openers. They simply say "Vote for XXXX XXXXXX on them. Nice little bar items. I give out like 200 of these damn things during my dinking adventures.

    Well, he wins on Tuesday !!!! Congratulations are in order. I give him a call to congratulate him and he say's "hey I see where I won in your city code area and you helped me out alot down there" "Ive got something for ya, when ya when come down to the shop?"

    Hell...................I'll stop down now if your gonna be there ?

    Here is what he gives me, for ONE DOLLAR !!!! Picked it up around 1400 our time here in the Ky.

    Kimber > 1911 Pistols > Custom Shop > Super Match II™
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    WOW! You lucky dog-nice gun man enjoy!

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    Support your local County Commissioner !

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    And All I got was a stupid Bumper Sticker!!!

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    Thats a nice looking gun hope you enjoy it

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    wow I got jipped!
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    I was making calls, literature drops, standouts in the cold... The 2 candidates I was hoping to get elected lost. Not by any lack of support on my part, it's the politics here in MA. ********* LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!!!

    Nice piece by the way, consider me jealous...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Have not gotten the pistola out yet to fire. Right now she's just sitting on the side of this desk staring at me like a puppy dog wanting to go outside.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    Good job being proactive and better job getting a reward for your efforts. That kind of appreciation shows he was most likely the right man for the job anyway.

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