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    Yes the Jericho is the same as the baby eagle, but its the all steel kind not the crappy "I wanna look like a Walther P99" kind.

  3. Not all bad...

    Sorry to hear about your exchange at the range. Trust me when I say "we're all not like that".


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    I'm not understanding what if anything this has to do with Glocks? What if this guy was shooting Springfields, or S&W's, or whatever?? ********** come in all flavors. Bill T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobleceroseite View Post
    Why are there so many “Glock Nuts” out there?

    ...this guy from a couple lanes down comes in with the Glock catalog (He had one of every Glock, maybe exaggerating here a little but he had at least 10 Glocks in all different sizes and calibers) wearing a Glock shirt, with a Glock Range Bag stuffed with Glock gun rugs. I’m sure if Glock sells underwear he was wearing that too.

    You wouldn't want to know even if he was, you might have caught a glimpse of his "Glock Nuts"

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    Well all I have to say is.....If you don't worship are less than a man. Sissy. Girl.


    My preferred carry gun is a Glock model. I have carried one for over 20 years. 500,000+ rounds without a failure other than ONE with a garbage Sherer mag.

    Having said that:

    I own Smith, Springfield, HK, Beretta, Colt, Kimber, CZ, IMI, and dozens more. Point being...My Tahoe may not work as well for you as your Expedition. So? You have a good truck that works for YOU. That's all that's important.

    Good for you for standing up to a d-bag. He's a jackass, and I am guessing everyone knows it too.

    Sorry he was a lousy jerk.

    Keep shooting and carry what works best for YOU.

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    I've shot 1911's, Sigs, Barettas, S&Ws, GLOCKS - I prefer my GLOCK, YMMV.

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    I own a Glock. I also have owned handguns made by Browning, Charter Arms, Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Star just off the top of my head. I bought the different brands because I liked those particular guns at that particular time. Have I bought some I regretted owning, not many. Have I sold guns I regretted selling, way too many. This "gentleman" you met has obviously fallen for the ad campaign that Glock has waged. I enjoy my Model 22 but not more than my other pieces.

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    glock nuts

    I currently have 3 glocks in my collection, I also own colt 1911's, rugers, and several other miscellanous pistols. I used to hate glocks, swore I would never own one, 10 years later I carry one, the same one I compete with in the limited class in USPSA. While it is proven that Glocks are indeed reliable, they are not for everyone, just as not all men prefer Blondes over Brunetts. It all comes down to PERSONAL Prefrence, so buy and shoot what you like, and don't worry about what the other guys think. If they think they are better than you because of the type of gun they own, it shows their personal ignorance. That guy might be a great marksman, but there will always be someone better- he needs to realize that, not you. I hope you have better experiences in the future, cause as GLOCK owner I don't care if you own a Glock or not, I am just GLAD you are a GUN OWNER- and not some anti-gun liberal brady campaigner.. god bless,

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    About a year ago I got my first glock. After several trips to the range it seemed about equal to my XD. None of the tupperware guns will replace my 1911s. Each is as accurate, dependable and safe, as the owner.

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