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    I find that Glock owners tend to be "very proud" of their brand of gun!

    I think Glocks are a top line,along with some other brands. I do NOT own one(yet). Mainly because i SHOOT A lot OF LEAD RELOADS. I can not shoot otherwise, and I understand Glocks don't do well with lead. So be it, maybe down the road.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dobleceroseite View Post
    Why are there so many “Glock Nuts” out there? .
    Same reason there are so many "1911 Nuts" and "Sig Sauer Nuts" ...It's called freedom of choice, Scooter....

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    Sorry dude but you sound like a whiny 20-something who does not how to deal with people. I would done nothing but walk away but you played his game and he embarrassed you. Learn from it.

    What I choose to shoot is like my (non-glock) is my personal preference (or what my budget affords). If that gun drops the perp then it won't matter whose name is on the slide.

    Years ago, I studied guitar under a guy that played a beat-up P.O.S. jap copy of a strat. He carried it around in the backseat of his car without a case. But when he played it.....holy crap....made all of us posers with fancy new stuff look like the fools we were.

    Shoot what you want and ignore the world's idiots.

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    Oh and I shoot a G19. My one and only gun. And yes it is a good gun. But there are a lot of good guns about there. Along with more than a few Gun Nuts.

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