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  1. carry weapon choice

    I currently carry a springfield xd40 compact. I am thinking I want a 1911 45acp. or a 45 springfield m. or the tactical model. is there any advantage to these over the 40 that I am carrying now?

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    With the proper load both calibers are effective and I do not believe that one presents any advantages over the other. It is more about what are you most comfortable with and most proficient with. Personally, I like both cartridges but carry neither. Generally I carry a Sig P229 in .357 Sig (if it's good enough for the Secret Service, it's good enough for me) or Glock G29 10mm.

    Just my .02 cents.

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    My choice is 9mm. Differant strokes for differant folks. What is the saying? "Any gun will do if you will do". Use what works for you.
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    I CC a Springfield 1911A1 MIL-SPEC. BIG GUN for a big frame individual. As HK4U states "Use what works for you". Comfort, speed of draw, accuracy of initial discharge. Actually speed, then accuracy should be priority then comfort. JUST my 2 cents.
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    Still use my glock 19 with TRU-GLO TFO sites. Just got back from shooting it actually. I tagged along with some friends who were going hunting. Put about 300 rounds thru it. Also shot my .22 A bit. Good time was had by all. Temp got down to about 27deg. last night, and we were in tents, It was a little brisk....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GATORTAIL007 View Post
    I currently carry a springfield xd40 compact. I am thinking I want a 1911 45acp. or a 45 springfield m. or the tactical model. is there any advantage to these over the 40 that I am carrying now?
    How long have you been carrying the XD that you carry now?
    Have you trained with it and trust it for self defense?
    Have you carried/used a 1911 in the past?

    Do what makes you happy and allows you to feel safe. Carry the one that feels good and makes you a good shooter. As far as an advantage, 40S&W is a great defensive round and many good ammo choices abound, so I'd say not really a huge advantage. If it were over 9mm I'd say yes. Shot placement is key, if you can put them in the spot with the 40 compact you have now, why change the EDCG?

    I carry both .40 and .45 in the same firearm platform (Smith and Wesson M&P) and both are good BG stoppers. The .45 is more expensive to feed for practice. As far as wanting the 1911, Hell Yea get one, they become like an addiction. I also have a compact 1911 (Colt Officers) that I like to carry on occasion. I'm looking for a full size 1911 for a range gun, perhaps I'll build one for that purpose as I love to tinker...

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    A 1911 might be a bit big for everyday carry especially in the summer if you need to have it concealed. I carry a Walther PPS 40 cal. In the winter I either use a pancake holster, shoulder holster, IWB holster or I also have a Sig Sauer jacket that has concealed pockets with holsters already sewn into it. In the summer I have a Nemesis cargo pants holster that works great or use the tuckable IWB. The Walther makes all of these carry options very easy to do. I have not owned a 1911 but have held one and used to own a Ruger P90 45 cal. That firearm was way too big to carry easily. There is always the compact 1911 version too. Best of luck!!

  9. My EDC is a G33 in 357SIG.

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    just need to know if a j. a. nine is a nice handgun to have and if not why? thanks

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    "j. a."

    As in the Jimmenez Arms guns? Not no, but hell no is the answer there.

    They make a decent copy of the old Jennings .22, but that platform does not translate well to the centerfire guns.

    IMHO either the Glock 19 or the S&W 642, or both, is the answer to most CCW questions.

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