Does anyone have an idea
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    Does anyone have an idea

    Does anyone know about Hi point or Kel Tec?
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    I carry a Kel-Tec P-11 cause it's easy to conceal. Reasonably priced. Goes bang every time. Not the best gun in the case, but ok.

    A Hi Point is either very good or very very bad. Seems like there is no in between with them puppies. You really do get what you pay for.

    Just my opinion.

    After the wife bought herself a Stainless SP101, now I want one too.

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    I searched for quite a while before choosing my CCW. (Gun shows, gun stores and internet for about 2 months)I chose Springfield XD9 sub compact.

    Naybor is right about the Hi-Point. It seems that people either love it or hate it. The pistol is large and ugly but so what? I hear that they rattle when shaken, but they are supposed to. Hmmm, OK

    I am probably going to purchase one of their carbines some time in the future just to try it out.

    From what I hear the Kel Tec is a good piece to own.

    My advice, which seems what you are doing, is to spend a while looking but always keep in mind What you want and why.

    I wanted something larger than .380, reliable, pretty accurate and small enough to conceal. I could have gotten the xd .40 sub compact or .45 sub compact but I didn't care to deal with recoil issues, if there are any, in an emergency situation. Therefore I felt the xd9 sub compact was perfect FOR ME.

    Good luck.
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    Find a range that has rentals and shoot them. I know the local range I go to has Kel-Tecs for rent, but not HiPoints. My sister-in-law has a HiPoint 9mm and so far it has gone bang every time she pulls the trigger. If this is for your personal protection, don't settle on the least you can afford. Shoot them all and pick what you like and feels good and shoots well in you hands.

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    Lose those sissy pistols and get yourself a Glock. Tommy Lee Jones summed it up quite nicely.

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    Thinking about buying two Highpoint pistols and two carbines. I think it will make great trades for when out dollar becomes worthless. Either that or to hand out to friends wtshtf

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    I have a hi point .40. Firing pin broke after about 200 rounds. They did fix it for free. They are NOT MA compliant! I don't bring it here.
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    IIRC, Dyllon Klebold and Eric Harris used a Hi-point 9mm carbine durring the Columbine High School terrorist attack.

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    I have a PT3AT and had a Hi-Point .380. Everytime I pulled the trigger they went bang so I can't ask for much more. I love the PT3AT and I carry it concealed usually and OC with it when I go hunting. The HP I traded on a rifle. The HP is big, ugly and cheap but reliable. Both are fine guns for their intended purpose.

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    Never had any experience with Hi-Point, so can't make any comments regarding that brand. However, I've shot several of the Kel Tec's and they just don't seem to fit in my grip correctly. I shot the 9 and I quit after 3 shots as the blamed thing was somehow pinching the heck out of my trigger finger. I do own and shoot an LCP, while it's very similar to the Kel Tec it doesn't bite me in the same manner.

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