Looking at a G36
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Thread: Looking at a G36

  1. Looking at a G36

    I am thinking of getting a Glock 36,,45cal. I own a G19 in 9mm so I will be staying with the same platform.
    The gun store does not have one to shoot first. Is the .45 that much more on recoil?
    I do not want a 1911 so limit you suggestions. I am 73 years old have no problem with the 9mm. The G36 would be for EDC.

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    I carry a 36, it has more recoil than the 19 but not so much that its unpleasant to shoot.
    Its Better To Have It And Not Need It Than To Need It And Not Have It.

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    You may want to consider a G30 instead. The added weight makes the recoil more manageable.

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    The 36 has quite a bit of kick to it. I enjoy shooting it and it's highly accurate (like every other Glock I've shot) but I've found my 9mm HK is more controllable and as a result I carry it more often than the G36.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brickler View Post
    You may want to consider a G30 instead. The added weight makes the recoil more manageable.
    I've been looking at a G36 as well. What's the difference between the 30 & 36? I have an sa trp pro model that I've got almost paid off and was thinking the 36 will be the next one I do a layaway on.

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    I carry a G36.

    The recoil is not that bad. It is my opinion that the 40S&W has more recoil than the .45cal.

    Now the difference between the G30 and G36 is that the G30 is a doble stack and the
    G36 is a single stack so it is slimer, so for EDC it is a bit more comfortable and easy to conceal if you are going to carry it IWB.

    That is why I carry my G36 and not a G30. But that is just Me.
    Hope this helps and enjoy the G36.

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    Thanks for the clarification stingray2100. I agree with you on the 40s&w recoil over the 45acp. I guess when I go to the range Friday I'll check them both out. Usually a double stack 45 has a huge grip so I'll have to see how the grip feels on the 30.

  9. G36 mag holds 6 rounds, G30 standard mag holds 10.

  10. Check out the "SF" versions. I have both the 21 and 30 as "SF"'s. Liked the feel in my hand better.

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    I also carry a G-36, which I alternate with a G-27, as said previously, a 36 carrys 6 rds plus one in the pipe, a 30 carrys 10 +1, but the 30 is noticably wider to grip than a 36, the 36 is the thinnest Glock made, easyer to conceal than the 30, as for recoil yes the 36 has more than a 19 (9mm) but less than any of the 40s 27, 23, or 22, I would say the 27 has the sharpest recoil, mainly because of its size and weight, and the 40 is a strong rd, that all being said i have 5 Glocks, and shot several others and none of them have a recoil that I would say hurts, the 10mm really hits hard but its still not bad, go ahead and get the 36, you wont be disapointed

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