Internal v. external hammer?

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Thread: Internal v. external hammer?

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    Internal v. external hammer?

    Since I am new here, I thought to ask how many of you prefer internal hammers or external hammers, as well as ask who carries in Condition 1?

    I would love as much feedback as you can give.

    I have always carried Sig's, I have two now, a P220 and a SigPro 2022. (the 2022 is the one I carry most). I love them and if I went outside my loyalty, I would probably go with Kimber. Since my 2022 does not have a safety, i can't carry in condition 1, but would like to. I like the 1911 model but my hands are on the small side so they are too large for me.

    Also, NOT TO OFFEND, but I do not like Glocks at ALL, A friend loaned me his glock 30 about 2 weeks ago to carry for a few days and I did not like it. I gotta have an external hammer., plus the trigger is too weird for me.

  3. I voted "either way" because it just depends on the firearm and how I am carrying it. As my main carry weapon I wear an FEG P9R, which has an external hammer, at 3 o'clock under a loose unbuttoned shirt. Since the safety/firing pin block is always engaged when holstered, I don't worry about accidental discharges due to snags and have never had a problem with the hammer catching on my clothing when unholstering.
    On the other hand, my bug is a Ruger LCP which is usually holstered in a front pants pocket. The internal hammer seems to me to be a must when carried in that fashion, to avoid snagging when removing the weapon from the pocket.
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    I voted either way as well. I am not partial to one or the other. I do carry a 1911 in condition one...doesnt everyone? Rhetorical question by the way.
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    I decided to vote either.

    I own and carry striker fired handguns Smith and Wesson M&P45 and 40c, and like the simplicity of the design, however I'm aware of the limitation for a 2nd strike in a misfire situation. I carry them condition 1, w/ a round chambered. They have no manual safety to off so they are ready to fire when the trigger is pulled.

    I also carry a 357mag revolver and a Colt 1911 automatic when the mood strikes me, so I have both types. I carry the 1911 in condition 1 and the revolver is well, loaded and ready to fire in double action or single action mode...

    I've never really thought about which option I prefer. If I had to nail down a preference it would be "the firearm works when needed"... I'm sure all would prefer that...
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    Internal vs. External hammer preference

    I don't really have a preference for internal or external hammers at this point.

    For my first handgun, I insisted on an external hammer and a manual safety. Now that I'm much more familiar with firearms and how they work, I am just as happy with a striker-fired pistol (internal hammer).

    Because I have both striker-fired as well as external hammer-fired, I carry like so:
    striker fired pistol = condition 1 (DAO pistols: round in chamber, hammer cocked)
    external hammer fired pistol = condition 2 (SA/DA pistol: round in the chamber, hammer uncocked)

    Ideally, I'd like to carry my SA/DA in Condition 1, but since I don't have to release a safety on the DAO pistols, I eliminate that motion in my SA/DA for CONSISTENCY OF MOTION across all carry pistols. God forbid that I carry the SA/DA and forget to drop the safety....

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    I have always gotten external hammer revolver handguns. I've never had a problem with the hammer snagging on cloths.

    An external hammer gives you the option of taking a finer single action shot if needed.

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    I prefer to carry guns with an external hammer. I don't really know why but Striker fired pistols don't seem to feel right to me when I shoot.

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    I voted either way, because there isn't an option for neither. Glocks do not have or need hammers. And that is what I prefer to carry.

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    I prefer striker.

    When I was a LEO, I carried Glocks and that is what I have become accustomed to.

    Usually carry in condition 1 but will occasionally carry in condition 0 when circumstances dictate.

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    Internal...Always carry Condition 1...
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