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    EAA windicator

    So I took the new EAA 2" Nickel .357 Windicator to the range today & put 150 rounds through it. All I can say is very impressive little gun.
    I used 100 .38 special and 50 .357. Very stable, easy to double tap, recoil is minimal, even using .357 loads.
    Now realize, I paid $302 for this brand new, expecting a throw away gun for my truck...nope. This this shoot as well as my S&W .357 for 1/3 the price!

    It's a little heavier than the Sigma I usually carry, but carries well concealed & comfortable, especially in a SmartCarry holster.
    The only negative point I have is that on the nickle gun (I don't know if blued is the same) the iron sights are unpainted making it difficult to get target acquisition quickly. I easily remedied this by painting them with Bright Sights.
    Target acquisition was quick & dead on.

    If anyone is looking for an inexpensive (not cheap) .357 magnum with excellent performance, the EAA Windicator is it!

  3. Nice. I'm a Dan Wesson fan myself, but those are quite nice as well.

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    I really like mine. I have the blued model, blueing is ok not great, but very acceptable. Had one issue when the gun was new the cylinder release jammed. Brought the gun in, it went back and came back 2 week later fixed and have had not problem since. For the price can't beat it and the warrenty is a life time so, what can happen. I tend to shoot this very well also, old wheel gunner at heart I quess.
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    Just a quick update, after 3 months I have now put about 3,000 rounds through my EAA .357 Windicator, 1/3 were 357 the rest .38. This gun performs flawlessly, no jams, misfires of problems of any kind.
    I highly recommend this gun for anyone interested in .357s, hell I bet my life on it!

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