How do you determine how much a used gun is worth?
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Thread: How do you determine how much a used gun is worth?

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    How do you determine how much a used gun is worth?

    I want to change my EDC from my Sig 2020 to either a 1911 or a Pro Carry II. IF I sell my 2022, how do I determine how much it is worth? Does a gun lose much value with use? I have only had this particular gun for a few months and have shot a total of about 75 rounds through it.

    I still have the box, two magazines, and the lock etc.

    Also, what is the best venue to sell it?


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    I usually go to and check to see if there is a used pistol like mine for sale there. Then expect 10-20% less than that for trade-in value.

    Gunbroker would also be a good place to list your firearm.

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    I also use GBroker, but in a little different way. I enter "kimber tle" (or whatever) in the search bar and then choose the drop down box for completed auctions. Instead of looking at what somebody thinks their gun is worth, you can see what it is really worth... What someone actually paid for it.

    For selling, I use these sites. Ohio is much better than most other states:
    Forums of various Brands. FN, HK, Kimber...

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    +1 ^^^^

    Just like on Ebay. Always check completed auctions.

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    I use this book.

    Blue Book of Gun Values - 31st Edition

    You can subscribe to the online version

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