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    i just ordered my 2nd handgun, the 340pd. i wanted something light & concealable and more power than my lcp. took me all year to save up but i just wanted some input. and any advice on holsters would be appreciated as well.

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    That's very similar to the J-Frame 38spl +P that I've carried for years. Mine is the titanium model that they now make in scandium with a titanium cylinder. I love it. It weighs a mere 13 oz. (empty).

    Recently, the holster that I've carried for years finally wore out. The threads at the muzzle end just disintegrated. I had it repaired at a leather shop, but ordered this one from S&W. It's made by Galco...Model G109T/GM158.

    I've carried the new holster daily for about three months now and am perfectly satisfied.

    Hope this helps.

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    I carry my 340PD exclusively in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. I've had my 340PD since 2003 and love it for it's convenience. Thing kicks like a mule with .357 in it......so beware. I shoot it with .38spcl and carry it with .357.

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    I have the 360pd( I like the hammer ). I have a don hume #3 belt holster. I would have prefered a clip or paddle as it's a "PITA" taking it on and off. But I really like the holster other than that.

    Yes it does kick like a mule with Hornady tap 357mag, but it's much more manageable with 38+P (I am 6'3" 235lbs). I did notice a huge difference when I put the crimson trace grips on. My factory grips had the metal exposed against my palm, the CT grips have a recoil reduction pocket to absorb a lot of the shock(3 types of CT grips so do a little research). I highly suggest getting the CT grips as it dramatically improved my accuracy at 10yds, not to mention it made shooting 357's almost pain free $150 on ebay, just look for Jframe model. Don't get the hard polymer one, it makes it worse!!


    10 yd rapid fire(more like "hurry" fire) Prior to CT laser I only had 3 or 4 on paper.

  6. thanks for the input, i really appreciate it. i too plan on using .38 specials at the range and .357 loads for daily carry. i bought winchester .38 spec, and a box each of hornady and fed hydra shoks in .357 loads.

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    I know they are expensive, but at least try shooting a few of your 357 carry loads at the range. It is night and day difference(semi-ouch). It will at least let you know what you are in store for if you ever have to use them for real. I just like knowing I have a bad azz round capable of dropping the badguy. 357's have been tested over the years and still are one of the best stopping rounds made!!

    PS. Definately look into the Crimson trace grips I mentioned. It was money well spent!! Quick and accurate bullet placement, reduced recoil and they can act as a deterent to the badguy.

    $206-cheapest I have seen LG-405

    PPS. don't forget to post pics for us when you get it. We all love good gun porn!!

  8. I've had a 340 pd for a few years. It's a great carry gun. I normally have my Ruger lcr or the 340 pd in my frunt left pockett in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. It's a mule with 357. I prefer 38+p but it's nice to have the option.

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